Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bambangan Salad

Sis. Mui brought six bambangan to the house after I gave her a bottle of the preserves (barter trade?).
Think she wanted more preserves but I have no intention of wielding my chopper again. So I made this salad instead.
Ben's wife, Lena, who is a Kadazan, served this once. I preferred this (less salt and much simpler to make) to the preserves but the fruit has to be fully ripen (can tell by the stronger fragrance) or the dish would turn out too sour.

Bambangan Salad
Peel and dice fruit (see Nonsoom Bambangan ).
To 2 cups of the diced fruit, add 1 finely chopped chilli (I also added 2 chopped bird's eyes chilli for a bit of oomph), a sprig of chopped spring onion and 1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste. Mix well.

Chill and serve with fried fish and rice. Very delicious and appetizing especially for this hot weather.



Anonymous said...

It's not just about putting up recipes and and the mix, it's about the sense of colour and combination, plus an evolving taste of what goes well to a really good dish. Last, but definitely one of the most important is the ability to take some really solid photos.

You've posted some amazing stuff here.


a feast, everyday said...

Wow, tt makes my head swell. tq for such kind words tt's so encouraging...