Monday, October 29, 2007

Easy chicken casserole

This dish was definitely inspired by Jamie Oliver. It was a quick dish put together late one lazy Sunday evening (lazing in front of tv @ channel 703 -Asian food channel).

Time was short so instead of roasting the bird whole, I chopped it into four big chunks, pat dried and seasoned generously with salt and pepper and dried basil (no more fresh basil).
Scavenged through the fridge looking for anything that will go with this to make it one-pot (as usual).
Found some carrots, tomatoes, a lone green pepper (hurray!).
Wanted some potatoes but found sweet potatoes instead (can do too).
Added in some sliced big onions and a whole bulb of garlic cloves (unpeeled).
Drizzled a casserole dish with olive oil, laid the halved tomatoes first then the chicken pieces.
Added the rest of the peeled and chunked veggies on top.
Sprinkled some more seasoning, dashes of olive oil and dots of butter on top of casserole.
Popped into a preheated oven at 180c for 1 hour or more (if you like your chicken falling off the bones).

The chicken came out so flavorful and juicy I was pleasantly surprised. There was enough of the yummy chicken and veggies infused gravy to go round with the soft mashy veggies which the kids loved.
Serve with crusty bread slices topped with a squeeze of the cooked garlic (the way Leanne like it) or rice (the way Keshia like it) in front of tv @ channel 703.....

Have a good day!



Precious Pea said...

Wow, sounded so simple. Good way of clearing the fridge too! Good job!

DY said...

What a great idea, way to be creative! Eros and I love your blog!

sonyart said...

omg. "jo" as in aunty joanne?!?!
you blog too?

a feast, everyday said...

pp- yeah, i was clearing d fridge actually :P

terri- lazy yumzy...

Hi, David n eros, welcome to our blog! So good to heard from u.

sonyart- u r sonya?

sonyart said...

yea, sonya. :)
the food looks delicious!
ah, sinful... LoL

a feast, everyday said...

Welcome to our food world :P gotta get some recipes from ur mom.

frank said...

I like that bit about cooking it till the chicken falls off the bone, and the carrots get a bit mushy, add a bit of green peas.

For some reason, It's reminding me of the filling of chicken pies :-)