Wednesday, May 30, 2007

white lady burgers

droooool...hey hey, don here. just wanna share a great burger i had about 2 weeks ago.its called white lady burgers. Sold in a trailer by the roadside, just like those burger stands we have in kl..but only bigger and the burgers more expensive..the price ranged from $6nz to like...$15nz depending on what burger u ordered..gila ni bang...but it tasted great, i had the steak burger..and star had the king burger..homemade pattie, grease all the fat..and everything thats bad for u but taste good all in one...haha..mati awal...but of cos..cant compare to my mums "jamie oliver" homemade burgers!! all prepared with everything healthy and still taste gooood..haha..ok ok..i screwed up on my blog saying white lady burgers are the best until heather corrected me..thank u for that...i was wrong...and i will be making a public apology real soon..hehe...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Japanese Store

Heard about a new japanese store in town having some nice home wares. Didn't expect too much but really needed(?) to check it out. We are having a few friends over to the house for a japanese dinner next week - simple dishes like cha soba, shabu shabu and maybe, sushi. But panic also lah cos the existing japanese eat wares we have are all rojak (any excuse to shop,hehehe).

The store, Japan Home Centre is located in Asia City Ph2, the new wing in front of Centre Point. Upon entering, we were met with an impressive array of japanese crockery but as we wandered on, it started to remind us of the Y100 stores we found all over Japan!! Oh how we loved to trawl the Y100 stores for bargains!! The choices of crockery were sad to say- very limited. What we saw at first glance when we walked in was the store's whole collection but...we still managed to find something (as always)

Check out our finds...

A set of five assorted bowls for Rm23.90

A set of five odd-shape side dishes (my favourite) for Rm45.90

A rice bowl with fugu print for Rm5.99 each

Love, Jo

Oyster Overdose

Yesterday the only thing we didn't like about the oysters was the sauce they used- too sweet. So the 'play play' cook bought 4 tumpok of fresh oysters home and guess what we had for dinner?

We couldn't find any loose sheet of zinc roof around the house so we made do with the cast iron griddle.

Dinner is served just the way we like it --drowning in garlic sauce.

The garlic sauce:

2 tbsp. chopped garlic

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. oyster sauce

a dash of vinegar or lime juice

Mix all ingredients together. When the oyster shells open (they will open when cooked, throw out those that don't) heap a teaspoonful of the sauce on to the flesh and cook for another minute or so - don't overcooked.

Love, Jo

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oysters delight

This afternoon, driving along Jalan Tuaran towards Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, we stopped by the coconut stalls to have something , anything.
So we picked one of the many stalls , just any stall.
On offer-- coconut pudding, fresh coconut, baked coconut.

The Coconut pudding

Then, something grabbed our eyes and caused us to drool: rock oysters!
Yeah man!!! Thousands of kilometers from Sydney.
Tuaran rock oysters and also mussels.
Apa lagi! Bakar dia bah!
At Rm5 per tumpok, 'bakaring' included...
it's a steal!

I tell you man, you gotta check it out...
Posh food along Tuaran road, grilled on a zinc roof.
Stylo milo.
While waiting for the shells to cook we checked out the coconut, smooth and not too sweet. Just perfect for the hot weather

The Posh 'Gerai'

Tuaran rock oysters and mussels

'Bakaring' on the zinc top

Tambah sikit, banyak pun boleh