Monday, October 1, 2007

Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine

When Terri has a 4/5 rating for a Japanese restaurant in town, we wasted no time.

Umai it was for the Mid Autumn festival celebration. This was one of those rare times we ate out on a Chinese festival and like Heather, only a Japanese dinner would suffice to drive away the depression. Just any lame excuse to eat Japanese.

It is situated along the Lintas highway, first turning to the left after the Lido traffic junction on the first floor in the same building (D' Junction) as Royal China .

Greeted at the door by this ninja and waitresses in kimono. That got us even more into the nippon spirit.

Sashimi set

Spider maki

Another highly recommended maki, their house specialty (don't remember the name). So yummy.

Teppanyaki Beef set

Unagi Don

We also had tempura, soba and a fried prawns dish which I never got near enough to eat nor shoot.

That was Tuesday evening. We came away very impressed with the maki and don set (the presentation, taste and price) but couldn't say the same for the other dishes.

Came Friday, picked up Keshia and Bryan from school early and Bryan suggested Umai for lunch - another excuse to eat Japanese! This round we went for the maki and don sets only.

Dragon Maki
I wasn't too keen on this because the deep fried prawn in the maki was a tad too hard and salty.

Unagi Maki

This was really good with plenty of fish roe, wrapped in thin unagi slices and topped with a sweet sauce and dried bonito flakes. Truly a mouthful of sensation.

Tori Teri Don

Gyu Don

Salmon Teri Don

All the sets and don sets come with chawan mushi (excellent texture and taste),

Pickles plus miso soup and rice.

The don sets are good value for money (priced between Rm10 to Rm18) but for me, the true star of Umai is the maki. I'll go there next just for the maki.



Terri @ hungerhunger said...

wah, so much good food! i must visit umai after wey's exams this week (been up 'studying' with him;so frustrating i nearly killed him with my shouting.he just doesn't care)
ur pics have come alive. i used to wonder if u got d mode wrong bc d color just don't come out fresh but ur umai pics r good--photoshop huh? about d pics, i couldn't fiddle with html so got yi's friend danny, who's a super computer software wizard, to do it for me!

The Drool Team said...

I am still at d stage where what u see is what i touch up, don't know how to use d photoshop yet. U so lucky, I tried so many ways but they just don't click to the post.

frank said...

Aiyo, I had Sushi king for dinner the other day...this post makes Sushi King look like a waste of space...

I may go to the other one that heather posted about instead.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hey check out chaxiubao on my links. he has a photo slide tt i really like but haven't time to figure out how to upload.

The Drool Team said...

Frank: Kl does have many good Japanese res. from what I see in food blogs...Sushi King is definitely not one of those mentioned.:p)

Terri: I like the photo link more than the slide. They are both flickr tools so tt shouldn't be any problem in uploading.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

i just am so disappointed. i brought sucy n yoland n our hubs to umai last nite n d food was so different fm wheni was there last! i'll have to change my review!

The Drool Team said...

What? And Keshia wants to go there for her birthday on Friday...Have 2 find another venue. What's with KK eateries? It is the same with Welcome res too.

Fooman said...

Ninja guy is just freaky!

The Drool Team said...

Kinda weird in a restaurant, yes, but he is very friendly and efficient.

Fooman said...

Ninja named Patrick. Hehe.