Sunday, May 11, 2008

Simple Pork Chop With Radish Pickle

It is Mother's day and half the family is not home :=(. It had been a hectic week especially during the week end but with all the heartwarming phone calls and sms from near and afar the day turned out so well.
The four of us had a very simple meal at home as this is one of those days that we would not risk venturing out to restaurants (and wait for hours with hundreds of patrons for food cooked under stress). So the best thing would be mum's cooking on mother's day, right?
Wanted something to go with these beautiful red and white radish... 

Bought these in one of those stalls on the way from Keningau to KK few days ago
These stalls are situated along the road from KK to Tambunan just before the highest point of the journey. 

The weather here is cool and we love to stop by just for a breath of the fresh and crisp air.    

With the farm just a stone throw away from the stalls, the produces are as fresh as you can get. 

The radish were so crisp and fresh that I thought I shouldn't do anything to them except to serve them fresh but knowing the children I had to pickle the white ones. 
Okay, enough said about the radish and let me get to this simple pork chops recipe.

300g pork chops, sliced about 2/3 cm and pound with back of cleaver
1/2 T fish sauce
1/2 t white pepper powder
1 T corn flour
2 T oil

Marinate pork chops with fish sauce and pepper for at least 30 minutes (overnight in the fridge would be even better but my diners weren't prepare to wait that long).
Remove meat from fridge and mix in the corn flour.
Pan fry the chops in hot oil until just cooked (about 2-3 minutes on each side) and golden brown. Better option to pan-fry than deep-fry as less oil is used and the chops get crisp outside but still moist inside. Deep-fry tend to dry out the chop easily as they are quite thin.
Easy peasy.    
Serve on top of white radish pickle and garnish with fresh red radish. Another 'yin' with 'yang'.

The chops would have gone very well with white rice but felt like having something different so we had soba instead.

Happy mother's day to every mother in the world!



frank said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Jo.

A lovely dish, I'd be drooling too had I not just returned from a long lunch with my mother, and then later to a heavy heavy dinner with Iris' mom.

I think I put on 20lbs. But I think its okay to sacrifice for mothers on mothers day. Don't you agree? :p

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

happy mom's day dear!(i wish they'd have this day a few times a year...dying for the pampering n attention)

a feast, everyday said...

Tq Frank. Hard life, so many sacrifices to be a filial son (son-in-law) :p

Lucky u Terri, pampering n attention u said? I had to cook like any other day. happy day to u, my dear.

New Kid on the Blog said...

You have a very nice blog and nice pictures too... :)
Happy Belated Mother's Day!

irene-serenity said...

hi, jo, belated happy mother's day. my niece sonya told me about your blog and i've been enjoying your blog all this while. i'm such an amateur in cooking n also amateur blogger. i juz started blogging this year after seeing sonya's blog. 1st i blog abt the little things i see in life, abt fmly mmbers, and work. your blog inspired me to take up some serious cooking & get some fun out of it, so i started another blog abt amateur home long recipes, please. i've sisters with names like bessie, karen, kimberly, jessica... so u know who i am....hahaha, happy blogging & pls share more cooking tips but with very simple cooking steps & must be delicious, ok?

Moodie Foodie said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Jo!!!!

I know it's not worth anything, but u are just as celebrated as my mum or any other mums out there!

BTW, those pork chops look delectable!! :)~ Plus, I love that ur recipes are short and easy. Recipes that go on & on makes everything look so much like a chore, so yes, thank u for ur wonderful recipes. Wouldn't it be great if all mums were like u :P

P.S. I made poached pear soup yesterday which I ABSOLUTELY loved when my mum used to make it years ago. Thank u for inspiring me to make 'tong shui'! :D

a feast, everyday said...

new kid, welcome to the blog n tq.

Irene, what a lovely surprise! glad u like the posts n tq for such encouraging words. Do try out the recipes, very simple and easy. if i can do it everyone can too :D.
it's fun to blog, yeah? u'll get addicted seeing a post published. my internet was down for the past four days n it was the longest 4 days trying to log in!

Moodie, how r u feeling now? Tq for being such a comfort. short and easy recipes stems from being lazy :P hahaha, if only all the mums are like me... everyone will be having rock buns instead of cakes (made an apple cake yday n it turned to rock, hehehe)