Thursday, June 18, 2009

Auckland In June

Auckland city viewed from a cruise ship
Hi, I would like to thank everyone who visits this blog for your patience and kind words during my long, long siesta.
We were in Auckland during the most recent two-weeks school holiday to see Don as he has not been home for more than a year. It isn't quite the right season in Auckland for visit as it is winter now but it was the only time Leanne and her daddy could get off and we missed the koko so much...
We were there for about 9 days and the initial plan to drive around North Island was shelved after a car break-in at the Mission Bay park on the very next day we arrived. Of all places in the world, Auckland was one place I thought was very safe...
Anyway, the weather was too wet and cold to entice us to any form of sightseeing. So, we ended up doing nothing but shopped, cooked and ate and ate and ate...It was kind of a dream holiday - very relaxing and stress-free. Lots of board games and books...

Did managed to squeeze in a cruise or two and this one round the Auckland harbour saw only this group of crazy Asian braving the chilly weather in the entire tour. Three crews to five passengers - like we chartered the whole cruise ship!

Hubby found his dream tom yam here in Auckland at Food Alley at 9-11 Albert Street.
Have many more pictures and am trying to edit and upload as fast as I can but the flickr is not very cooperative. Hope to post all the wonderful food, especially the home-cooked ones, as soon as possible.
Hubby, Keshia, Leanne and myself arrived home only on the 15th of June. We didn't managed to catch the last flight to KK when we arrived KLIA on the 14th night from Auckland. We couldn't wait to get home but Leanne was very happy for an extra day of holiday.


terri@adailyobsession said...

phew! u made us wait so loongg for this post :(

is tt auckland? it has changed so much! ha, i too had a bad experience the first night in perth (where? perth. where? never heard of it). our rented car was broken into the same night we got there, n it was just to steal a little bag wey had kept his tooth brush cost us A$400 to repair bc the fine print in the insurance said the coverage was only for the side windows , not the front or back (or is it the other way arnd, can't rmber which window)! since then, i have been uneasy about perth even tho it is a nice city, not too big;just too many drunks n street ppl.

have a good time in nyc n stockholm, u bad girl, i'm so envious, i am stuck here all year, make sure u remember my shoe size is 38 n i love sandals (tods', coach). will wait impatiently for ur updates.

frank said...

woo! nice long break! looks too cold for words :-)

Welcome back to the warmth and comfort of Malaysia (maybe a bit too much warmth even :p )

You know the best carrot cake you made the other day - it really was the darned best best best carrot cake in the world. It was sooo good, so very good.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Hey U're back ! ! ! We miss you the desert miss the rain! *HuG*
I thought you have given up on blogging ! Now I m waiting for more more foods & pictures :D

irene-serenity said...

So u went to nz, i thought u guys were in sh for heather's big day, got everythg mixed up.
Was on leave d other day, went to centre 1st time n toured dojo-cho's office, wat a small space for the big chief.

daisyfused said...

you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:) and looks like my burberry jacket for kesh was perfect for the weather after all! :)

more, more, more updates!!! :)

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