Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tony's Lord Nelson's @ Auckland

A lovely light, fruity and sweet sparkling wine from Italy set the mood for a wonderful evening.

A must for K and the first for Keshia and Leanne. Keshia didn't take to them but Leanne, like father like daughter, couldn't get enough.

Rib-eye fillet steak.

Fillet mignon with mushroom sauce.

Deep-fried camembert cheese. Very well done with crispy outside and soft oozy inside.

Tony's Lord Nelson's steak house at Victoria Street.
No frills, just simply one of the best meat ever, perfectly done in all our orders. Tender, juicy and full-bodied flavor. K reckoned it is better than Angus Steak House... maybe but I do need to re-sample Angus Steakhouse as it was more than two decades since the last time I ate there and memories are short these days.


frank said...

!!Deep Fried Camembert!!! - OMG!

Yup, that's pretty much about all I can say :D

a feast, everyday said...

Frank, K n I were in Stockholm last week of June n we visited the Vasa!

frank said...

The Vasa!!! I love the Vasa, been there like 4 times...I am very pleased you were there too. There was so much to see. I hope you had lots of time to walkabout in the lovely summer weather, just like home heh heh :-)