Monday, July 13, 2009

Movenpick Ice Cream @ Auckland

After the car-breaking-in episode, we all agreed we needed something sweet to help brighten up the rest of the day and this ice cream paradise was the perfect place.

We went crazy with so many flavors to choose from. Finally we decided on these awesome combination. These were easily one of the creamiest and smoothest ice cream I ever tasted. And the flavors were incredible. See the waffle cones? They were handmade fresh daily. Very tasty and crispy on it's own. I was told that all the ingredients used were natural, no coloring or preservatives.

Most gorgeous pecan pie with a rum n raisin ice cream to die for. My choice and I am still drooling over it. Hot pie with ice cream - my favorite things in life.


frank said...

I can imagine ice creams in NZ and probably Aussie being one of the best around on account of the freshness of their dairy.

There's always something so magical about ice creams that no matter how old one gets, having an ice cream brings you right back to being 5 years old :)

I could almost agree with you about the pie, though it would for me it would be a tough battle to beat a really good prok chop hehe.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

aww.. the pecan pie looks too tempting!