Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Japanese Store

Heard about a new japanese store in town having some nice home wares. Didn't expect too much but really needed(?) to check it out. We are having a few friends over to the house for a japanese dinner next week - simple dishes like cha soba, shabu shabu and maybe, sushi. But panic also lah cos the existing japanese eat wares we have are all rojak (any excuse to shop,hehehe).

The store, Japan Home Centre is located in Asia City Ph2, the new wing in front of Centre Point. Upon entering, we were met with an impressive array of japanese crockery but as we wandered on, it started to remind us of the Y100 stores we found all over Japan!! Oh how we loved to trawl the Y100 stores for bargains!! The choices of crockery were sad to say- very limited. What we saw at first glance when we walked in was the store's whole collection but...we still managed to find something (as always)

Check out our finds...

A set of five assorted bowls for Rm23.90

A set of five odd-shape side dishes (my favourite) for Rm45.90

A rice bowl with fugu print for Rm5.99 each

Love, Jo


sario said...

hey u guys, been promoting the blog to my friends through the email and my blog page as well..looking good...ill send u some pics of food and some funny art work soon..miss u guys

sario said...

oh by the way,gimme the sign in name and password to ur blog page, so i can blog some stuff for u guys

The Drool Squad said...

hi our long lost team member. How's auckland? wats up? keep us posted a little bit more regular lah. i'll sms the sign in n password can't display it here! u can blog anything tat makes u drool..

Precious Pea said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking me up. Great finds you got there. The flowery blue plate is so sweet. Do they sell Japanese teapot set?

The Drool Squad said...

precious pea: love your blog very very much. Very new in this blogging game. I also don't know how we manage to link up to you, hahaha. Will check out the Japanese tea set for u.