Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oysters delight

This afternoon, driving along Jalan Tuaran towards Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, we stopped by the coconut stalls to have something , anything.
So we picked one of the many stalls , just any stall.
On offer-- coconut pudding, fresh coconut, baked coconut.

The Coconut pudding

Then, something grabbed our eyes and caused us to drool: rock oysters!
Yeah man!!! Thousands of kilometers from Sydney.
Tuaran rock oysters and also mussels.
Apa lagi! Bakar dia bah!
At Rm5 per tumpok, 'bakaring' included...
it's a steal!

I tell you man, you gotta check it out...
Posh food along Tuaran road, grilled on a zinc roof.
Stylo milo.
While waiting for the shells to cook we checked out the coconut, smooth and not too sweet. Just perfect for the hot weather

The Posh 'Gerai'

Tuaran rock oysters and mussels

'Bakaring' on the zinc top

Tambah sikit, banyak pun boleh



Ruben Sario said...

I made a mistake of trying the kelapa bakar at those stalls once at about noon. It took forever to consume the hot coconut water.

Dena E said...

i love the puding...once i was quite addicted ha ha ha...the rest i dare not try..