Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bizjadi Av Centre, Segama

Over the weekend, a few of us ladies were to prepare lunch for a lecturer. TS brought along some gorgeous looking serving bowls and plates.
As usual, I droolz...
As always, I couldn't help but ask where she got them, expecting her to say 'Australia' as she frequently shuttles between here and Melbourne.
My glasses almost dropped when she said 'Segama'. What, Segama, KK? Yes.
But where, where in Segama? Apparently in a household electrical store very near Leton. Everyone in KK knows Leton, right?
OK, came Monday, headed downtown to Segama first thing in the morning. Not very familiar with this part of town and but I do know where Leton is and that helped.
Found an electrical store a few shops away. Before entering, just outside the store I saw laid out on the floor at the store's 'kaki lima' - sidewalk, in cardboard boxes, a whole arrays of the treasure I came looking for!! They were mostly white (great!) in all shapes and sizes (double great!!). They had to be examined one by one for flaws and cracks as I detected quite a few (not so great).
So, for the next half an hour or so, I was squatting in front of the shop rummaging through this pile of heaven (like a child in a toy store), good thing I wore pants. Managed to get a total of 23 pieces of assorted shapes and sizes. Christmas came early!!
For your convenience I noted down the name of the shop but I don't know how long the stock would last and it look like a one-off kind of sale. The pieces cost between Rm 2 to Rm 7 depending on the size. A steal.

My favourite. Two identical square plates in different sizes.

The long oval-shaped plate is about 30cm length and 15cm width. Prefect for a fish dish. The egg shaped and tear-drop bowls are so adorable I couldn't resist, I will find a use for them.

The wavy plate would be great for photo shoot, any food would look fantastic in it.

No, this is not another recipe. Just trying out the new dishes. A simple stir-fried veggie and a braised mushroom with rice wine. An ordinary meal served in extraordinary dishes - a feast for the eyes and of course, they tasted phenomenal too, seriously! ;=)



Anonymous said...

Love those dishes. They are unique and great presentation pieces.

a feast, everyday said...

wow, lovely surprise. ddn't expect u 2 leave a note here. Is ur flight confirm on 18th? Otherwise, K will bring the pineapple tarts and fruitcake over 4 u 4 x'mas. I made them last week when i learned tt K has a trip to LA.

Judy said...

Hi Jo, I'm Judy and I'm from KK too. Been enjoying your blog and recipes for a few months now. Thanks for the tip on the plates. I went over on Sunday and got a few pieces but not much left. Anyway, the lady at the shop said that more stock arriving sometime this week so just drop by once in a while. Thanks again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

a feast, everyday said...

hi, Judy, i just found out the shop have another branch in Asia city with more selection! Maybe will see u there...tq 4 dropping by. merry x'mas n happy new year 2 u too.

frank said...

Often I think of food, and not realise the significance that the using the right plate or bowl adds the added touch of class. In fact all high end restaurants bank on putting mediocre food on really classy pieces and be able to charge a premium.

And you don't even need pyrex or corelle, just simple white or black sets will do the trick :-)


a feast, everyday said...

hi Frank, good 2 hear fr u again. where have u been? yeah, presentation is everything (like d japanese)... 1st u see then u taste.

Judy said...

Thanks for the bonus tip Jo! I will check it out asap and yes, we might bump into each other - imagine us ladies spying each other and thinking "Is this her?"!!

a feast, everyday said...

tt would be fun!! see u there.