Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lunch in Lintas Plaza

Haven't post about eating out for a while now. The reason is not that we haven't been eating out, it is more like we kept going back to the same few familiar, comfortable and favourite joints.
Last week we happened to be in this Lintas area came lunch time.
I wanted to have the wantan and dumplings soup in the 88 (or is it the 33?) shop but it was packed, so we ended up a few doors away and I was really glad because the food was surprisingly good in this rather unassuming shop.
Don't know the name the shop but it is next to the Kinabalu organic produce shop in Lintas Plaza.
Loved this dish of vermicelli fried with eggs and sayur manis (sabah veg). Garnished with roasted pork slices and a generous helping of crunchy ikan bilis. Prefectly done, neither too oily nor salty.
They also offer 'pan mian', hand-made noodles in a light soup which Bryan had. He liked it too but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures before he dug in and wolfed it down (he eats so fast!).

Special tea and coffee. The bottom layer is gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup, then come the milk and topped with tea or coffee with ice cubes. You could also opt to have leong fun (grass jelly) added which would most certainly raise it to the status of an ABC.

My so pretty almost too-good-to-be-drunk coffee.Very Delicious! Can never go wrong with this gula melaka/milk combo and with the addition of coffee...blisssss.


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