Sunday, November 11, 2007

Elcerdo, the pig-out heaven

This post is specially dedicated to our pork-loving family and friends.
Also to cheer Mummy up. :)
(apologies to my non pork eating Muslim friends. Please still love me despite my disgusting porky-ness)

*warning. many pig pics ahead*

I have heard tons about Elcerdo.

Everyone raves about it.

But it was so hard to get around going there cos everyone says its only fun going if you have people to share the dishes with.

So the perfect opportunity came when we had 6 piglets lined up, all geared up for a night of fun and pork.

I'll let the pigs do the food talking.

*i might have gotten the names of some of the dishes all wrong. its been a month since, and my memory is all hazy. can only remember the very yummy taste of each dish*

1. Parma Ham

So so so so good, and a great start to the meal. The melon was fresh and juicy yet firm. Perfect with the ham. A must have.

2. Some very nice (free) soup.

Creamy and soooooooo delish. It was (i think) lentil-y and stuff. I was famished at that point, so gulped it down without really tasting it.

3. Deep fried bacon wrapped around some paste, served with onion rings, a salad and a (tartar-like) sauce.

THIS was a crunchy, juicy pleasure. I LOIKE. A LOT!

4. Deep fried goat cheese with caramelised apple

I hogged this dish. Loved it. And kept praying that the others would be too preoccupied with the other dishes to not realise I was eating their portion.


This item is not on the menu. It was recommended by Andreas, who took our orders, and oh-boy, I wanted to kiss him when I took my first bite!

This is my favourite dish, ever! You can taste the healthiness of a good pig with every bite. A well-fed and clean pig. The harmonious layers of fat and meat, with the delicate marinade (which lightly caramelised the skin), almost melted when it got to my mouth.


6. Sakura Ribs

These organic ribs were cooked in a sweetish sauce - kinda like honey mustard with a twist.

The ribs themselves were good, but i'd prefer a saltier sauce. Still very good though. recommended. :)

7. el cerdo's signature dish - the suckling pig

I'm a sucker for all sorts of suckling pigs, and was really looking forward to this dish. It was beautifully presented, and the best (gimmicky) part was them cutting it with a plate and letting someone from our table break the said plate into a bucket-full of broken plates. Brings luck, it seems.

Anyhoo, back to the dish itself.
I must say I was kinda disappointed. Much prefer the chinese-style roasted suck
ling pig.
This was a bit TOO fatty, and the meat itself tasted raw. Not in the sense that it wasn't cooked enough, but that it wasn't marinated or salted or anything.
Ah well, worth a try.

8. Chocolate Terrine

By dessert, I was sooooo full, I thought I would only be able to manage a spoonful. But the moist, beautiful texture of the chocolate terrine and the ice cream had me shoveling the entire plate into my stomach.

It was so good, i felt no guilt.

9. Assorted desserts

These were the desserts the rest had. I had a spoon of each, which I remember tasted quite good, except for the nasty raspberry sorbet with grappa (which the guy who ordered it loved).

The total damage: around RM1k. Inclusive of 2 bottles of RM230 wines (each) and 2 glasses of sherry.

Better reserve a table if you're planning to go. We went on a Wed nite, and it was absolutely packed!



frank said...

I saw this post yesterday, late at night. I was overcome with pent up emotions - so much pork. Besides, I was too blur to post anything meaningful and, I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard. lol.

This redefines pig happiness to new heights - well, maybe not so much for the piggies.

I was supposed to go there also last month but fell sick on that day and so I wasn't able to make it then. :-(

Must reorganise another visit, and with pig loving friends too.


DonDon said...

*Britney spears new song* ~~ "Gimme Gimme Pork, Gimme Pork, Come on Gimme Pork~~~~

ekeng said...

wow...what a piggy nite many of you ar? total damage RM1k.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is sangeetha Nair from the Star newspaper. Juz wanted to inform u that we will be featuring ur posting on El Cerdo in next week's sunday metro section.