Tuesday, February 12, 2008

David's Lotus Root Soup

Today we have a special guest blogger!
She is none other than my dearest sis. Mee Fung from the US of A. I have been bugging her for recipes as she and her hubby, David are great cooks.
Surprise! Surprise! She not only sent the recipe but with picture attachments and a write-up too! It took me a while to figure out how to transfer from the e-mail to the blog...totally techsavvy-less :)
Finally, here it is...a very appropriate dish too for this cny.

After a hard and tired day of shopping, my sisters and I came home to an aroma of good home cooking. Unexpectedly David had prepared a wonderful meal for us all. All five of my sisters were pleasantly surprised when the 1st course - Lotus Roots soup was served. Every single one of them was ranting, raving, indulging, having second and third until it was all gone. The rest of the courses were a blur. (Not a blur for me though, I still remember the steamed patin - a fresh water fish in light soy sauce. Sooo good! Jo.) So, on the eve of their departure, I bought them each a couple of bags dried sole fish to add to their jam-packed suitcases.

That was about ten years ago when they were all here in California for a visit. No, actually they were here to shop! No Disneyland, no Knott’s Berry Farms, no Universal Studio, no Hollywood, no Sea World…just good old fashion shopping and eating.

Ten years later, with the urging of my sister, Jo, I finally put this recipe together in writing. Although this special soup is David’s all time favorites and we have prepared it thousand of times, I never thought of writing it down. Yesterday was my chance when I found some soaked sole fish, octopus and peanuts sitting on the kitchen counter (guess who did it?). I thought, well, this is a good opportunity to get started. I grabbed a pen, a piece of paper and pulled out my tiny little camera and started working. When all is said and done, I have a written recipe and some pictures to share!
Believe me, not only this soup is easy to make but delicious and the aroma is incredible. No kidding, just ask any of my five sisters, they will tell you. (of course, they are not bias!! :P)

1 lb pork meat
½ a dried sole fish
Handful of dried octopus (softened -about one rice bowl)
1/3 cup of dried red beans
1 cup of uncooked peanuts (with skin on)
2 sections lotus roots
Chicken feet (8) – optional
1 chicken bouillon cube
1 tbsp smashed ginger

Soak peanuts, sole fish and dried octopus separately in water for a couple of hours
Cut pork into small cubes, sprinkle some salt.
In a pot, bring water to a boil add pork and ginger.
Cook for about 10 minutes then add the rest of the ingredients (except salt).
Bring to boil and turn burner to low and simmer for 2 hours.
Add salt to taste.
Before serving, retrieve lotus roots, cut crosswise and return to soup.
Bon appetit.

Mee Fung and Jo


daisyfused said...


I feel like i can taste it!!!!

:) i wanna go LA to visit yi yi so i can have it again!



yammylicious said...

Love it! love this soup alot!! healty soup base!!! thx for sharing!! =)

a feast, everyday said...

Go 2 LA just for tt, eh? Hahaha!

yammylicious, most welcome!

frank said...

Iris and I love this soup, but not too much octopus :) - becomes too heavy. And we also like it with extra peanuts - makes it richer tasting.

Also my granny was keen to use the pig's tail section in the soup, probably cos it's extra fatty :p

I also love the spicy salted vege soup with pork bones - salty & spicy - delicious :)


a feast, everyday said...

Just thinking of the spicy salted veg soup makes me drool, i like it boiled with a hint of tomatoes.