Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wonton Noodle @Mak Mun Kee, Hong Kong

Wonton noodle.
This is a must-have when in Hong Kong. It can be found in almost every street corner in HK.
This shop, 'Mak Mun Kee' is very well known for its wonton noodles. Its wonton is a densely packed parcel with succulent prawns. How do they get the prawns to be so springy?? The soup has a hint of seafood stock (could be some dried fish or dried scallop) and the noodles chewy with a definite bite. This combination is a magical dish for me. I would gladly go back to HK just for this!
A bowl of this cost HK$22 and it is worth every penny.

Mui and Yin had the 'shui jiao' dumpling noodles and they loved it too.

It is a no frills eatery, menu on the wall and a very limited choice of dishes.

We loved this delicious braised beef brisket and tendons. The tendons were cooked to perfection and literally melts in the mouth. Our only complaint was that they don't serve rice with it. It would have been prefect with rice, lots and lots of rice to go with the incredible gravy.

Braised pork leg with nam yee, fermented bean curd. Good too but a little too salty and we all preferred the beef tendon (a good source of collagen).

A simple blanched veggie.

Mak Mun Kee is located along Parkes Street in Jordan (right next to the Australia Dairy Co which is very popular for its western style breakfast).
Open daily from 12 noon to midnight.



JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

I heard alot good feedbacks from my friends regarding the Wun Tun Mee in HK. Good shots of those pics.

a feast, everyday said...

Thanks, jerome. Oh the wonton so delicious. Just thinking about them makes me drool.

frank said...

I love well prepared prawn wontons. But the really good ones are pretty rare to find, and I won't mind to pay a premium for it. Though I'd find it hard to travel to HK to get it :)

Lovely pics.


a feast, everyday said...

Take Air Asia! Seriously, I have yet to encounter any memorable wonton noodles in M'sia. So sad.

YeinJee said...

Been there in Oct 2007. Love their wonton and pork trottle... didn't have the chance to try the beef tendons... my stomach have limited space after all.

Nice pics :)