Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's evening

We don't celebrate Valentine's day. But we do know that that's the day not to buy flowers or eat out! Rm15 per rose! That's almost the price of half a roast duck! Daylight robbery!
Anyway, having said all that, when Don came home this evening with these cakes for us, we were speechless and so, so touched.
Thank you, Don, for making this day, 14th Feb. special. You are our valentine too.

Chocolate cheese cake and chocolate heaven.
A little late...but better than never - Happy Valentine's to all!


Piggy said...

it's funny that you associate the price of roses with roast duck... heehee... the cakes look yummy indeed. ;-)

a feast, everyday said...

A foodie, always a foodie :P

frank said...

Iris and I stayed home for V-Day too. Too expensive and pointless to spend on food paying extravagant prices with mediocre quality.

I rustled up some fried noodles and used some dried spinach yee-mee someone gave us for CNY abd I used the super hot chilli sauce purchased in KK, and we had steam pouring out of our ears - it was that hot (evidently i put too much of the chilli sauce) :p

On a separate note, the cakes were very cute.

a feast, everyday said...

Romantic hot date, eh? :D