Wednesday, January 28, 2009

THE Dinner Of The Year

Before we get to the food part, let me wish everyone gong xi fa cai throughout the year of the golden Ox. Why is the Fook character upside down? That is to wish everyone Fook Tau meaning luck, prosperity and everything good arrives.
The Reunion Dinner of the Chinese New Year, we had it at my brother, TM's house. 
It was a potluck dinner and each was to bring just two dishes...but look what a banquet it turned out to be...

Let's start with the poultry

 Bai zhan ji (white cut chicken)
My sis-in-law's signature dish. She had the chicken cooked to perfection. A must-have favorite.

Braised chicken with mushrooms. The succulent mushrooms took center stage here.
Roast duck

The seafood
Sea cucumber

Sweet and sour prawns

Deluxe fish cake with crab stick and nori

The porky dishes

Another must-have Hakka fare, yong tofu

A cold dish of pork trotters and jelly fish pickles

The Vegetables

Baby kailan 

Broccoli and carrots

All these for fifteen of us... one new year's resolution made less than a month ago thrown out of the window :p.
Once again, have a happy, healthy, harmonious and prosperous year of the Ox.


frank said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Oh my God! THE Dinner of the Year Indeed!
An amazing selection, amazing food and an amazing family.

Makes me hungry looking at them, even if I just had supper.

It's super. Oh goodness gracious, dsklgnsldglsgBN:K, sorry, had to wipe the drool off my keyboard...

ai wei said...

happy 'Niu' year!

gosh, this seems to be really a Posh dinner with lots of yummilicious dishes.

suituapui said...

A bit late but never mind! Just hopping by to say: Gong Xi Fa Cai...Xin Nien Kuai Le to you and your family! Wow! That's a lot of yummy food!!!! Drooool indeed!!!

terri@adailyobsession said...

omgoodness, tt's a scrumptious feast! next year, i'll pretend to go out of town but sneak to tm's hse for the reunion meal. sisters mah, right?!

gong xi fa cai to all!

a feast, everyday said...

frank, gong xi fa cai to u, iris and family too!

ai wei, am sure ur reunion dinner was the same, happy nui year to u.

suituapui, tq and gong xi fa cai to u and family too.

terri, for sure or not??
We'll let u do all the cooking :p

Gong xi fa cai to u and family.

daisyfused said...

~~~wilting in shanghai...

beverly said...

Absolutely delectable food photography! Great to see another food blogger.. you've given me some great tips on Shanghai (just moved here about 2-3 wks ago)