Friday, July 4, 2008

Biscotti From The U.S Of A

Got these from Mee Fung when K came back from the States. I turned pink when I remembered the first time I had biscotti in Rome and how, I wondered aloud to K, a nation that has such fine food came up with a biscuit that is so hard and dry, the almonds although tasty compounded to the rocky texture.
I had bleeding gums and painful jaws after having just one piece. 
If only I knew then these were dunking biscuits, usually in liqueur (Vin Santo) with coffee... so sam pa lou
I was told  these biscotti are baked twice to make sure they are super hard! 

So here I made myself a black coffee as thick as can be (gau gau) with a dollop of this... layered liqueur. Perfect day. 

I have since ran out of biscotti but with still half a bottle of this sweetness left. 
Maybe I'll do some home-baked biscotti. Anyone with a no-fail recipe for this biscuit? Like to share?

Have a lovely weekend.



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

so bad didn't leave me some! but ur story about bleeding gums' funny :O
i made biscotti but altho they tasted good, i wanted mine like the ones my friend makes it for sale (so cannot give me the recipe), cut paper thin. i've seen mandy on my links post a beautiful batch of these cookies last year.

KampungboyCitygal said...

sheridan's my favourite too..second after bailey's irish cream..wish i have biscotti with me too..

Oswald McKisson said...

For the uninitiated, biscotti could really get the teeth almost crushed or the gums bleeding. Pairing it with coffee or liqueur is a match made in heaven, indeed. It doesn't go well without the other one. That coffee-layered liqueur looks heavenly!