Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where To?

Amsterdam, Venice (Macao?), Auckland...?

After the Seri Mengasih food fair, I was totally stressed out and was grumbling to hubby about my urgent need to take a break - to be precise - 'I need a holiday!!' was all that transpired. 
Like an angel (wings and all), he managed to arrange a 10 days holiday (for me but work for himself) to far-away-lands beginning today!!! (destinations to be kept secret, lest the paparazzi get wind of it... :-p). Thank you so much, my love.
I am so excited and totally unprepared. What to bring, wear and and and??? I have been frantically surfing the internet for places of interest and most of all, for places to eat!
It has been more than 2 years since we took a holiday just the two of us. That was to Tuscany, so dreamily romantic as we stayed in a villa and was served unbelievable home cooked food at the terrace with Andrea Bocelli crooning at the background (honestly thought we were in a movie!). 
I almost strangled him (good thing I didn't!) when he accidentally erased all of our pictures from the computer (that was before Flickr). Trips to Tuscany (Italy), Jiuzhaigou (Szechuan), Johannesburg (South Africa) all wiped out. I told him I need to revisit all those destination to recapture the images. This could very well be the first installment... stay tuned. :-D


So sorry didn't have time to answer to all the lovely comments in the previous Oslo post. Thank you all for dropping in. Very much appreciated. 


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

haha, bring smthing warm n get ready to tango! i hear the women r very hot there, n the men...they do everything with passion, those latino-types. hehe, i'm adding to the mystery!

Precious Pea said...

No need to bring too much clothing since you not sure where you are going. Get extra pocket money from your Hubby and shop there instead. Hahaha!

Your Tuscany Vacation said...

Hello!! I am so happy to see your love for Tuscany!
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Lianny said...

Wow, it really sound interesting, exciting & EXCITING! HAHA!
Think I also have been a while never been for vacation... :)
Do have fun!