Monday, July 28, 2008

Cape Town - City centre

City centre with the Table Mountain as a backdrop

This has got to be one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever set foot on.
The city is perched in between the Table Mountain (which is like a tiara and can be viewed from the whole city) and the phenomenal coastline of the Southern Atlantic Ocean. 
The Table Mountain is neither big nor very tall but it is so, so breathtakingly picturesque. I can use all the superlative adjectives in the English language and I won't be able do justice to the beauty of this city. Neither can the photos we took.  
K and myself were fighting over the use of the camera at the beginning of the trip but later compromised to him doing the sceneries and I the food, that worked out well and no more fights.
We arrived in the morning about 8 (2 pm Malaysian time). It was a little misty and cold about 8C - 10 C. A bell boy in the hotel when learned that this was my first visit to the city so very apologetically told me that it had been kinda wet and cold for the last few days. So I was all prepared to insulate myself well and carry an umbrella to go.

One of the many cobble stone avenues that displayed a colorful arrays of the native art and crafts. 

Saw this man with an eggiest head ever who was talking happily into a land phone set. I thought that was so funny, asked K to snap a picture of him and we were asked to pay. Now who laughs the loudest?

SA Museum

A piece of the Berlin wall.

Lion's Head viewed from downtown

Stopped by in a small place called Cafe Ros to take a rest and some coffee to warm up. Sitting there, the aroma from the small kitchen made us hungry, so we decided to have our lunch instead. 

Chicken Soup @ R23 (~RM10) 
This is the best chicken soup I ever tasted and that is from one who doesn't even like thick soup to start with. It is definitely made from fresh corn, fresh chicken and is beautifully flavored with herbs. K asked and apparently they added some pasta to thicken it a little but they didn't reveal the different herbs used. 

Salad Beef @R38 (~Rm17)
Very fresh greens but the beef strips were a little dry and too salty. 

Penne with mushroom and ham @ R30 (~RM14)
Doesn't look good but this is so, so tasty and perfectly done. 
It makes a lot of difference when ingredients used are fresh and you can tell that these few dishes we just had used the freshest. I was impressed and couldn't wait to start the culinary journey in Cape Town. Portions of dishes general are larger than back home. 

After the meal, went round a bit but fatigue caught up with me and tak tahan anymore, we headed back to the hotel. I thought I would just take a short nap but when I woke up it was about 8 pm. It was too late (not safe to walk around town after dark here in Cape Town, especially for foreigners) to go out for dinner. So K went next door and ta pau some Nandos Chicken and they tasted so much better than the ones in KL (again, the moon is always rounder overseas). That was our dinner the first day in Cape Town, so much for a culinary trip!


Jackson said...

wow.... beautiful city.. and i think i wil love the penne

a feast, everyday said...

jackson, it is an incredible city and i really like to go back again maybe in spring or autumn...