Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oslo, Norway 2008

A day in May saw K in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. It was an unplanned stopover but so, so sad, only for a day. 
He managed to get to the city but a little late in the evening. 
Below are some of the pictures he took of this beautiful city. He said the pictures didn't do justice to this breathtaking place and I took that as a cue and excuse for me to go there myself to be the judge!

There are something about cobblestone paved streets. I find them so romantic!

The National Theater.

The city stands on a fiord, with a large expanse of waterfront which are charmingly developed and one of them is Herbern Marina which K stumbled upon. 

Herbern Marina is truly a gem with beautiful waterfront and abundance of restaurants that serve fresh sea food. But K was too busy taking in the breathtaking sceneries and forgot all about shooting the food, so this is a no-food food blog post. 

He mentioned maybe a trip here for our next (which one???) anniversary..... and I am like sitting on my one hand and chewing the fingers of the other...might help more if I put them together and....PRAY!



Precious Pea said...

Very nice place. Everyone sleeps early there? Can't see anyone on the street. Lucky you! Start counting the days to your next anniversary!

JENCOOKS said...

Oslo is very crispy nice!

Anonymous said...

yes, very crisp n clean. i like the 3rd pic.


wmw said...

Lovely pics!!! Should head there one day (hopefully soon!).

Baby Reptilia said...

Yer, so jealous la, aunty Joanne. Hehe. Lovely pictures. They look real at the same time I doubted they're truly exist! Alright, going to list down this as one of the place to visit :)