Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hana @ City Mall

Keshia wanted to celebrate her birthday with a Japanese dinner at Nishiki. I remember seeing a Japanese restaurant in City Mall a while back. I convinced her to try this new Japanese venue and she was happy as long as it is Japanese. So here we are in Hana at City Mall. Very easy to find as it is right across from Big Apple Donuts and Old Town Kopitiam.
We ordered a dish of sushi first before everything else and decided we were better off in Nishiki as far as raw seafood was concerned.  So we went for the sets and cooked dishes and was pleasantly surprised as we found the food to be pretty good. Service was fast and efficient even with a near full house.
Ebi (prawn) tempura @RM18. Very fresh prawns with a thin, light and crisp batter. A winner.

I enjoyed the Yasai (veggie) tempura @RM1o very much.

Especially this fresh shiitaki tempura.

The birthday girl's choice. Chicken teriyaki set @RM16.

Unagi set @Rm 28.

This Amiyaki Gyu Don@RM18 is voted the set of the night. There were about 5 pieces of reasonably sized slivers of beef. Grilled lightly with a most inviting smoky scent and according to Bryan, the owner of this winning dish, very tender and tasty but he never offer to share...*sigh* 

He just held them up to show us...*sigh*.

We had a beef teriyaki @RM20 and saba steak @RM19 too. And some side dishes from the 'Train', yes, they have the self service tram too. I don't remember why I didn't take any pictures of these dishes...most probably distracted by the Gyu Don and also the speed the food was devoured didn't leave any room for focusing. 

All the sets came with the usual pickles, chawan mushi and miso soup.
The dinner ended on a sweet note with this complimentary dessert.
I wouldn't mind coming back here again when we want some simple Japanese dishes. Will try their noodle dishes the next time.
If you are not a sashimi fan, this would be a great Japanese joint.


Christy said...

Nice Jap food....a really wonderful spread:D

a feast, everyday said...

it was nice and the place quite cosy too.

b said...

Nice post! Agree with you. We just discovered this place too and we're quite happy with the service and food.

a feast, everyday said...

b, hope they maintain the service and improve their sashimi...: )

Anonymous said...

We went there 2 nights ago and the service was VERY BAD!! The food is too slow, it took us almost an hour to receive a unagi set and salmon steak set and half an hour for a sashimi set!! btw, the sashimi is SO BAD!! NOT fresh and so thinly sliced and u can smell the refrigerator smell on the sashimi!! and the unagi and not as tasty as it used to be.. of coz we complained about the bad service and the captain says something about the kitchen having problem but thats not the reason for having badly taste food... i remember going there last xmas and the service was excellent and food was great.. but after this time, i dont think im going there in the near future..


a feast, everyday said...

Marianne, tt's so sad and disgusting to hear yet another inconsistent eatery which i think happens too often in KK. Yeah, the only thing to do is to stop patronizing the place. We didn't bother to order any sashimi in hana after a piece of the salmon sushi which was paper thin.
The only place in KK where we'd eat sashimi is Nishiki and so far we hv been lucky or it is bcos we know the head captain there?