Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Cozy Dinner

Met up with an old friend, T who used to worked in Malaysia for more than ten years. He brought us to his favorite diner here which was tucked in one of the many small alleys of Takayama and I have no recollection how we got there. It was a very warm, cozy traditional eatery serving hearty home-cook food.

We had this exquisite fish roes for appetizer.

What is a Japanese dinner without sashimi...

A Korean kimchi soup which was surprisingly tasty. I am not one to eat foreign food when in Japan but I must say this was very good, especially in the cold weather.

A tofu steak.

Basically just mashed tofu with eggs, seafood and cooked in a cast-iron pan. A little too oily and salty for me.

These yakitori were my favorite, grilled just right, moist and tender with just the right balance of seasoning.

Japanese love their sake as much as their food and many of their food are created to compliment the drinks rather than the other way round.
T was showing us how the taste of sake can change with different serving cups.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmmm wat a grand cozy dinner..

frank said...

D fish roe is a sinful start :p
And sashimi must taste delicious
They all look so appealing, but
Its the chicken that gets my wishes

hehe...now I am waxing lyrical...


a feast, everyday said...

Joe, not so grand but a very lovely evening with good food n company.

frank, hahaha... food does tt to many of us... wait till u see wat we hv in Shanghai...:P