Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hida Beef At Its Best

Looking through all the food shots I took in this trip, I was appalled. I didn't realized we ate that much and that, I realised was the main reason why my jeans were so uncomfortable and it wasn't the water in Japan which I blamed for shrinking them. We were constantly overdosed on carbohydrates as I couldn't resist the sticky Japanese rice and hubby the ramen and soba. 
I won't go into the food meal by meal but instead group them. I'll start with the famous Hidagyu (highland beef) and the many different ways we had them.

Hidagyu hoba miso. Grilled atop a piece of magnolia leave with miso, mushroom and veggie over a charcoal blazier. You cook the beef the way you like it - rare, medium or well done. The leaf lends an amazing flavor to the dish. Best eaten with the gorgeous Japanese sticky rice as the miso can be quite salty.

The traditional sukiyaki done in the most unpretentious homely manner. The hida beef was A5 according to the proprietor of this small restaurant we stumbled upon.

She also took the order, cooked, washed and finally, was the cashier too. The one and only staff in the shop.

She spooned two pieces of these beef fat onto my bowl and insisted I eat it. I hesitated, wanted to pass them to hubby but she made gestures which I guessed meant they were good for my face (how did she know I'd do anything for my face???). I took a bite and needed no more persuasion. They were very light and didn't felt oily at all with a very light buttery fragrance, softer than the tenderest tendon. Never tasted anything like this before and hubby never got to taste any :-b. 

The beef in a popular Japanese snack food.

It wasn't that good as the beef was too cooked and I think I still very much prefer the takoyaki, traditional balls with octopus filling.

I saved the best for last...

You have got to taste to believe this beef can be sooo goood. I was lost for words when I took my first bite. Now I understand what it meant when the phrase 'melts in the mouth' is used on meat. This piece of meat is 150g and I could only imagine how much more succulent a 200g piece would taste and hit myself for not ordering that! Can you see how juicy they are?? It was simply cooked with no fuss but perfectly done and the flavor of these black cows is amazing. If you are anywhere near this highland never go away without at least a taste of this. I didn't even bother with the gravy that was provided on the side. 
Writing this post is tormenting.  

This restaurant, about 20 minutes walk from Takayama train station, is actually more famous for its very own brewed beer called Korikori. 

It is called a Be-Pub for beef pub.

The owner who also waits and serves on tables. 

He serves three different kinds of beer with very distinct taste each. You can opt for the set, only 700 yen.

This is called Harmony and is only available during the colder months. It has a rich malty taste with a slight coffee flavor.

The draft handle for dispensing Harmony.

I like this one called Alt. It has a light and honey taste. Very light and soothing on the throat but packed with a mighty punch and after downing one glass, all true spirits emerged...

This is where the beer is produced. The brewery is within the shop and can be viewed through a glass window.


daisyfused said...

drool. gulp. swallow.

reading this post was tormenting, mi.

i wanna live in japan la.

frank said...

its the double bee's - beef and beer.
what an amazing looking piece of beef and tantalizing beers.

ganache-ganache said...

You make me drool over your post at 5.45am, imagine having the beef for breakfast, what a meal !!!

a feast, everyday said...

df, but sooo expensive to live there...

frank, they were a match made in heaven.

ganache, beef for b'fast??? no such luck, now only allow muesli for b'fast n lunch until we hit Shanghai :D

Precious Pea said...

This is just the post I need to show Hubby to speed up with our plan to visit Japan!

Those fats good eh? My brother in law keeps wagyu fat to do fried lard and the put rice and egg over it to fry.

frank said...

Lard :-)

Swoons :-)

I am so easy to understand...

a feast, everyday said...

p pea, the fats were evil but heaven all at the same time.
Just pack n go, MAS is offering some cheap fare to Tokyo again according to my sis. They r planning a trip again in July next yr. to see the lavender fields in Hokkaido.

frank, heather says hi!
Sure u hv got ur share of bacon in UK.