Monday, November 10, 2008

Mount Fuji

We were told that Japanese do not call this mountain Fujiyama but Fujisan because to call it the former would be too disrespectful as this mountain is viewed by all Japanese as sacred. So, any idea why is fujisan more respectful than fujiyama? I don't know as my Japanese is as good as my French.
I have been to Japan many times but where Mt. Fuji is concerned it had been very shy with me and this trip was the only instance I was accorded a full view. Only now I can truly say I have really been to Japan. 

The mountain taken from our hotel at night. I do need a stand for this shot, don't I?

An old fashion key to our hotel room, a rarity in today's digital world.

We managed to get to the Kawaguchi fifth station.

I was standing next to this sign for a picture but with the relentless wind I had a whole mop of hair over my face. So I cropped the photo and all you can see is a little of my pink scarf.

The view from here was spectacular and breathtaking and so was the wind. We could hardly place one foot in front of the other without a fight. We didn't stay long as we found our fingers and noses started to freeze. 

Today I was told to submit our passports for the Chinese visa and is exactly a week to go before the trip to Shanghai. 
Ackk!! Am still acclimatizing to our heat, suitcases in the process of unpacking, the warm clothing are still drying on the line and photos of Japan trip yet to be uploaded to the flickr... this is not a complaint but to this, my hubby would surely say "it's a hard life" with tongue in cheek :-p.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what a tough life!

looking 4ward to seeing ur shanghai pics.wish i was going...

frank said...

say hello to H for all of us in KL :-) and have a wonderful trip.

the japanese are respectful people, hence the san in every name. i guess in the olden days you had to be, of the samurais would lop off parts that we might miss.


a feast, everyday said...

terri, am actually quite exhausted but nothing a good zzz can't fix.

frank, will do.
and thanks for the tips on Japanese culture...hahaha samurai lopping off parts..

daisyfused said...

lalala~ get ready for the cold, and lots and lots and lots of food!

:) but the weather's good for one thing: we get to put on heaps of clothes - our bulging stomachs won't show so obviously under the bulky jackets!

daisyfused said...

aunty terri, come la! :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

smbody has to re-sit papers. can't leave until dec...u shop for me lah.

wmw said...'s a "hard" life indeed! So much fun!

Precious Pea said...

Lucky you, another trip??????

The last picture is amazing!