Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food Of The Sea

Seaweed pickles

Have you seen these before? I goggled and found the closest thing resembling it is called Irish moss with a scientific name of Chondrus Crispus (very delicious sounding name) but these are only to be found in the colder parts of the world. 
The seaweed pictured above are found locally here off the coast of Sabah especially in Tawau, so if anyone out there knows what it is called locally or scientifically please feel free to enlighten. 
They come in fresh and dried form. I am yet to see the fresh ones but Pit Fung said she had seen some in Tuaran market. A friend gave me a packet of the dried ones few months ago and it was left in the fridge as I didn't know what to do with it. 
Then, Betty, my sister gave me some pickles and I noted some unusual ingredients in it. They were these seaweeds and they tasted great. They have a slight taste of the sea and the texture is like softened kelp. Unlike kelp these seaweeds are also beautiful to look at.
Quickly fished out the packet from my fridge and soaked the whole thing and forgotten to take any pictures. Anyway, they were not very photogenic when dried. Slightly brown and all shriveled up.

Soak them in water overnight and they turn into swans. 
If you don't like the sea taste to be too overpowering, change the soaking water more often. 
I soaked these for two days.
Rinse with lukewarm drinking water before preparation but do not, repeat, do not blanch with hot water or your seaweed will be reduced to thick liquid. I learned the hard way.
Pickle with shredded carrots, cucumber, onions and chili. 
Jazz it up with some szechuan pepper oil, chili oil or sesame oil. 
Chill and serve.

Can serve them stylishly atop a porky cold dish as hors d'ourves like I did with this jellyfish salad. 


Precious Pea said...

Never seen or heard of this before. Certainly very interesting and looks tasty too!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

I had this once from The Tong Sui shop (Corner, next to the herb stall) at Foh sang.
They served in the ABC, and I quite like it. very funnny and interesting when I bite it!

Anonymous said...

This is seaweed. It is commonly grown in Semporna waters. The species is euchuema cottonii.

The wet market sells them fresh but you can get sun dried seaweed from 088 326523. Get Rondy to share some recipes.

Eunice said...

Hi, i like your blog.
You are welcome to visit us. Thx for your support!
Search PAOBING and add us in Facebook and Friendster.
See you~! :)

a feast, everyday said...

p pea, don't think they can be found in the west.

denise, tt would be nice, in tong sui i mean.

anony, tq for the tip. how do u know so much? R u from tawau or sandakan?

eunice, hi, tq for dropping by. Sorry no facebook/friendster...but will b visiting ur blog.

Pauline said...

I saw they selling in airport and called Undersea Bird Nest. HAHA!!

Anonymous said...

My company sells dried seaweed. So do call us when you want to buy. Our office is in K.K.

frank said...

i love the way you served the dish, dainty and delectable.

i guess in part is the colour composition, makes it look so celebratory :-)

I also like to eat seaweed and jellyfish, as long as its washed oftener to remove the excess sea tang. :-)

Alison Alison said...

The Pasar gantung in Tawau sells emm for 9 1Kilo..maybe i shud buy n sell