Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lai Lai Yong Hi Soy-Bean Milk, Shanghai

This is a Taiwanese store in Shanghai that serves soybean dishes and other small eats.
We found this outlet near the Bund and the food was surprisingly good as the place didn't look too promising at first. We went in because our feet were hurting and it was drizzling. The place was half-filled with mostly locals (you can tell by the noise level).

These xiao long baos were very good, better than those we had at one high-end shop at Nanjing Lu.
Traditional Shanghai soybean milk served with seaweed, sliced you tiao (a long deep-fried bun flavored with salt and garlic) and many other stuff (can't remember) but I do remember that it was very tasty. It was creamy without being oily. I thoroughly enjoyed slurping it down and dipping the extra long buns into the soup soaking up every last drop.
Another dish I must have if I have another chance to go to Shanghai.  

This is soybean curd served Shanghai-style, savory of course with seaweed, a sprinkling of dried shrimps in a soy sauce base. It was good too but I like the soy milk more.

Pumpkin buns and dumplings, both yummy.


frank said...

I've always like soyabean products, from tofu to soft bean curd, served with pandan flavoured sugar, to tofu skin, to brown skin tofu, you name it, I go for it.

There is a Taiwanese soyabean shop just opened in USJ Taipan near where I live. After reading this post, I may just pop over, though everything is written in chinese...

Oh well, gestures must suffice when one is tongue-tied.

kampungboycitygal said...

unexpected discovery huh? that's the fun part of travelling

a feast, everyday said...

Frank, so very like my dad. he wouldn't never refuse anything tofu...

kbcg, tt is so true and most times they r good especially when crowded.

kookietookie said...

Hi, thanks so much for your posts on your Shanghai trip! They helped me greatly as I explored Shanghai on foot.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find this soybean shop, probably due to the massive construction going on in the Bund area.

P.S. Tian Zi Fang is really a very lovely place, and I do believe I spotted the very same mosaic table posted on your blog!