Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pudong, viewed from the Bund side on a misty rainy morning
Shanghai is a city with many facades. My first impression of the city was of confusion, dusty, noisy and basically for someone like me who originate from a 'kampong' - village with only one main street, very perplexing. Even after ten days there, I was still disorientated but beginning to feel a certain charm in the city. Below are some of the places we managed to see.

Our near-midnight rendezvous in one of the many cafes dotted all over the city. Excellent desserts and tea.
Exclusive clubs, high-end boutiques, western cafes and small family-run alley stores, all exist side by side.

The area where we stayed, Luwan, belongs to a part of the old french concession. 
Between Fuxing Lu and Huaihai Lu, it has the most unique blend of old and new, the poor, rich and very rich, preservation and demolition, all working hand in hand. 

An old tea shop
The avenues in this part of Shanghai (as in many other parts of Shanghai) are all tree-lined with a deciduous tree called Plane specially imported by the French in the olden days. 

A park near Heather's place lined with Plane trees from France
The trees create a very unique feel to the city. 

The high-end shoppers
The most famous area has to be at the Nanjing Lu where many international brands like Zara, H&M, MNG parked their stores. 

But we preferred these small shops where we can find this...

And this...

Not to take home but just food for my camera :p.

The rod-iron gate that one sees at almost every alley. Within are either offices or private residences.

The one place in Shanghai that I like very much is here at Tian Zi Fang. This is where an old district is being transformed into a quaint niche while still retaining many of its old original charm. 

Many small stores where one can sit and have a drink or browse through some antiques.

Kind of touristy but in a very pleasant manner. 

Love this table.

There were crowds but yet there are many nooks where you can walk and browse and have a cup of tea or coffee in total isolation.

Many chill-out places for everyone... locals, expatriates and tourists alike.

Came across this amazing and amusing portrait of two old ladies (piecing ears??) displayed outside a cafe in the alley. Want to learn to take portraits that tell stories like this.

A garment for the young. Very unique in that it is also a baby carrier and there is a big opening behind to facilitate the young to eh.. discharge without having to disrobe. I wanted to turn the displayed item around to take a picture but the sales girl was watching and unless I buy that thingy she was not too happy with me and my camera. 

Hand-sawn baby foot covers.

Laundry day...


business as usual...just don't look up when having a cuppa in one of these lovely cafes.

Another French influence...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photography, will have to check that out next time we're in Pudong!

frank said...

excellent pictures, if only i had your eye for taste... :-)

I really like the quaint and cosy lanes and the pretty tables.

The hanging clothes...well, they could've been much worse, they could've been undies or briefs - that would kill any taste :p

Love the two old ladies, the hanging clothes and the baby shoes, so cute!

wmw said...

Loved the photos!

cherry-potato said...

Hi, I really like the photos. U travel yourself o with travel agent?

irene-serenity said...

how i wish i could go there one fine day... love those coffee tables along the walk-way...

a feast, everyday said...

beverly, tq. Pudong mostly concrete jungle but do check out tian zi fang and xin tian ti.

frank, tq. There were undies, briefs and socks too...

wmw, tq.

cherry potatoes, we travel by ourselves.

irene, do go and meet up with Heather...

frank said...

Ah hahaha, well, the people there can be proud to say - I have nothing to hide...all out there for you to see...literally.

cherry potato said...

Hi,looked you have an enjoyable trip to Shanghai!You went with travel agent or you own? I'm planning to have a trip also,any suggestion?