Thursday, August 6, 2009

Asakusa @ Tokyo

The Kaminari-mon (gate)
My one and only visit to Asakusa was on my first trip to Japan in 1984. I never had a chance to re-visit during the subsequent trips. We decided to go again as Pit Fung had never been there before.
I remembered an old temple with a huge container burning incense giving out lots of smoke up front and a few small stores selling souvenirs along the pathway leading to the front door of the temple.

What greeted me was totally different from what I remembered. There were endless stores selling everything imaginable stretching from the Kaminari-mon gate right up to the Senso-ji (the temple).

With many side alleys too.

A stall selling nothing but umbrellas.

I remembered buying these on my first trip here. Don't think I have ever made good use of them though.

Maybe I should get this lovely casual kimono this time. Only about 3,000 yen (i remember my first trip here when the exchange rate was Rm1 to 100 yen - this outfit would have cost only about Rm30!).

Hand-made traditional azuki bean paste buns.

Pretty ladies selling green tea.

Needless to say, all these distractions took us hours to walk the short stretch of Nakamise-dori to reach the Senso-jo.

Finally saw the sign of the Senso-jo ...

The temple looked totally brand new to me even after 25 or more years. There must be an on-going refurbishing program.

The five-story pagoda next to the temple.
Anyway, we took one short tour round the temple, headed back to the enticing stalls and continued with the 'worshipping'.

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frank said...

The cleanliness of the place, and freshness (if the word freshness could be used) is what gets to me about Japan everytime, no other place quite like it.

The temple looks great but give me the fish market anyday :D