Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tokyo Station

I Love all the train stations in Japan. Especially Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. They have the most amazing shopping facilities anywhere. Tokyo station, one of the busiest railway stations, is no different. We had to take the shinkansen from here to Sapporo and we had a few hours to 'spare' trans:shop.

What better way to kill time.........

Mui admiring her newly purchased bag. In with the new, out with the old. See that poor bag on the floor? : (

Waiting for our train to Sapporo.

Pre-elementary school children on a field trip.
Very disciplined, two-by-two and holding hands. Their little hats made me look twice, sooo cute.

This shinkansen took us from Tokyo to Hachinoche which is one of the northernmost cities of Honshu island in less than 3 hours (2 hours and 50 minutes to be exact). To compare how fast the shinkansen travels, the same distance by car would take 8 hours. From here we transferred to another train to Aomori, an hour ride. From Aomori we travelled to Sapporo in 7 hours and 25 minutes. Traveling through the night, we didn't get to see any scenery.

My lunch before the long journey. Ebi tempura with soba and some sushi. The leaf-wrapped bundles were mackerel sushi. I wasn't able to photograph my sisters' meals as they had 'dug' in before I could get my camera ready.

We had a lot of these bento meals bought at stations. Very convenient, economical and filling when traveling.


Mee said...

Felt in love with Japan at my first visit December last year. Again, I wished I was with you all to enjoy this existing journey. Nothing more fun than travelling with your siblings.

Mee said...

Nothing more existing than travelling with your Siblings especailly visiting Japan. I fell in love with Japan after my last December visit. I wished I was traveling with you. You must have a lot of fun!

a feast, everyday said...

Mee, this post was specially meant for you... wished u were with us.

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frank said...

I thought the small kid with hats were too adorable for words. 2-by-2 even lol. I cannot remember any of our kids ever being dressed like this ever. :-)