Monday, August 17, 2009

Furano, Hokkaido

The place where we stayed in Furano for the first two nights is called Pension Furanui. Located at the foothill of the Kitanamine ski resort and gondola station (about 5 minutes walk). About 10 minutes taxi ride from Furano train station. Location was ideal but the rooms were spartan, just 2 beds with rather thin mattresses and it cost 6900 yen per person with no meals. We had to open the window in our room to air it as there was strong cigarette smell. I won't return to stay in this place but I love the area surrounding it and would certainly return to stay if ever get another chance to visit Hokkaido. The reason we chose to stayed in Furano is because of its proximity to two destination we wanted to visit.

There are abundance of lodgings to choose from.

Even back packers lodges.

This is the gondola station for the skiers in winter.

The ski tracks are at these hills behind the station.

It is a very picturesque area. Reminded me of how our Kinabalu National Park could have looked like if we had taken more care of the natural environment of the place when building infrastructures.

A small lavender farm 2 minutes walk from where we stayed.

Viewed from the terrace of another hotel.

Lavender bushes. It's everywhere here in Furano at this time of the year. These were found near a temple.

A small temple a stone throw away from Furanui.

A very quaint 'soto' cafe. Don't think they serve soto ayam though.

I am as crazy about flowers as I am about food. This is the first one I am posting but definitely not going to be the last. Hokkaido at this time (summer) is a heaven bursting with beautiful flowers... I have more flowers shots than food shots taken here in Hokkaido.

Second one and counting...

After the rain... it rained almost the whole time we were in Hokkaido. The rain we encountered here was very pleasant. It drizzled like fine mist, very lightly and very softly but continuously.

One more for the road... These were all taken in Furano near where we stayed.


ganache-ganache said...

Wow, I love lavender, it's so aromatic especially when used in baking ! Are you allowed to just pick one as you walk past it, hehe ?

frank said...

The striking thing about Japan is the clenliness of the place, and how orderly everything is. yes the flowers are absolutely beautiful too (or the photography just very very good :-) )


terri@adailyobsession said...

beautiful, fresh, clean, quaint--just charming! i love flowers too :))

DY said...

Aunty, I have a new great restaurant for you to review and take pictures of... it's HERE in California. You guys need to come out here. My mom has a spare room. Why hasn't anyone come to see our kids? We were there twice in the last 5 years and no one from Malaysia has visited us! Come out here! -- David Yong

zurin said...

It looks like you were in heaven on earth! The images just made me go OMG OMG OMG OMG all the way down.Your fotos are sublime and the scenery breathtaking....OMG...i enjoyed it so much..ill be back to just gaze at the fotos again and again. tq for sharing such beauty.