Monday, September 24, 2007

Cempedak Fritters

Fruits from the backyards

Got these lovely fruits from Pit Fung, my sister who resides in Tuaran. Cempedak, longans and seedless guava are all from her friends' backyard. The local oranges are from the backyard of Mr. Pang, a friend from Keningau and the custard-apple from our own backyard. We are truly blessed.


A cousin of the more popular jack fruit. Not one of my favourite fruit as I find it too sweet and texture wise, too mashy. My late mother was the only person I know who would eat the fruit as it is. For most of us, the fruit is only palatable when deep-fried in batter much like pising gorang, banana fritters.

Peel the outer skin to get at these luscious fruits.

Make a batter of 2 C flour+1 heap T cornflour+-1 1/2 C water+salt+1T cooking oil, mix lightly. Coat each seed with batter and drop into hot oil to deep fry. Lower heat when crust is formed and fry slowly for about 10 minutes to ensure the inner seed get cooked. This will take a while if you want a nice soft powdery nutty texture inside.


Haven't had these for years and I have forgotten how good they were.
The crispness at first bite, then the soft sweetness hits you together with the lovely aroma and last but not least, you get to the nutty core...oh... a lethal combo.
Once started I couldn't stop, I just kept going and had one piece after another. Later, felt so guilty that I just had to skip dinner.
Bryan loved it too, Keshia doesn't and Leanne will only eat until the flesh and discard the seed.



Terri @ hungerhunger said...

i eat it uncooked n has a wonderful flavor! hey, TQ for d $can'tbuy mooncake. muah!

Anonymous said...

Me too on cooked and uncooked, but the seed only if cooked, my granny used to boil the seeds separately, after we cleared the flesh.

Then if i'm not mistaken, we'd eat the boiled seed with freshly grated coconut (mixed with a pinch of salt) and ground gula melaka.



Precious Pea said...

Just made made myself a good cup of tea..but sadly, no fried cempedak to go with. :(

The Drool Team said...

Terri: U r most welcome.

Frank: Next time, I think I'll cook d fresh minus d seeds w batter. Then boiled d seeds n eat them w ccnut n gula m...yum!

Precious Pea: No need to be sad, go get those sumptous buka puasa spread anywhere in d city.