Friday, September 28, 2007

Kedai Kopi Dat Seng @ Inanam

Mee Suah, 麺线 Rm 6.50
In a stall in this coffee shop, I found the best Foo Chow mee suah in chicken wine soup.
Everything was right about this bowl of goodness, from the meaty mushroom to the perfectly cooked mee suah.
The aroma of the wine in the soup was intoxicating, yet so light and flavourful.
AND, the best part, I did not get the MSG syndrome like all mee suah eaten outside of home which never fail to give me a dose of heart palpitation and then, the need to drink gallons of water.

Another of my favourite, Foo Chow kon loh mee. This mee was laced with the most fragrant fried shallots and its oil. Very lightly seasoned but perfectly done. The chicken was smooth but too bad not corn-fed. Rm 4

They also serve a herbal chicken soup mee suah which I am dying to try. Next round!

Also in this shop, K found a very good creamy tomyam.
It had all the essential herbs and aroma.
The right balance of sourness, spiciness, heat, flavour and texture which he described as 'smooth'.
The prawns although small in size were very fresh and cooked just right.
For Rm 5.50 only they were very generous with the prawns and fish slices.

They also serve fish head noodle soup with 'ham choy' pickles ... Rm 5

or bitter gourd. Rm 5

This is the dish that brought us to the shop, stewed fish belly and stomach.

Betty told us about this great dish of fish somewhere in Inanam near the new bus terminal but could not remember the name of the shop.

We were at the vicinity one morning and decided to check out the place but found so many coffee shops in that area.

Following my dad's rule of thumb, we sourced out the crowded shops.

Finding it was no problem but getting a seat was, it was full and with a few customers standing waiting for the next available seat. Settled for a roast shop next door that was lacklustre.

Undaunted, we try again few days later and finally, got our long awaited meals in this shop. So many good treats in one shop, no wonder it is always packed.

The coffee shop and the stall open 7 days a week but only for breakfast and lunch until about 3pm.



raina said...

I tried the herbal chicken soup mee suah. All I can say is that it is an acquired taste. I'll go for the tom yam next round. Great pics and blog, Joanne.

The Drool Team said...

Thanks, Raina. I knew I found the right shop when I saw u eating there! Do try the rice wine chicken.

frank said...

You're right, so many choices, hard to decide, but considering it's crowded, by the time you get a seat, hopefully by then made a decision.

The noodle and chicken looked really simple and wholesome, and I really liked the bit you explained about the fragrance of the shallots in oil. mmm..


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

omgoodness! i've heard about this place but couldn't find it! i love foochow noodles n i've been looking for a good bowl of wine mee suah! TQ TQ!

The Drool Team said...

Frank: Finally not anonymous anymore, a step closer to blogging, eh?

Terri: Did u find it? Try the tom yam too.