Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sabah's very own Longans

Local longans from Tuaran

These longans are a cross between the old local ones we grew up with that were small, sweet, juicy with very thin flesh and the big fleshy ones from Thailand.
They are sweeter and juicier than the Thai breed and the only lacking is crunchiness in the texture of the flesh but the juiciness more than made up for that.

They are the same size as the Thai's and with thick succulent flesh. Very impressive. Now, I hope we get enough from our own backyards so that we don't have to import anymore of those laden with preservatives .

Longan (龍眼-dragon's eye)

Words failed me here, so I'll let this picture speaks for itself.



Anonymous said...

To be sure those are really succulent 'cats-eyes'. Very succulent! (BTW, my mom can't say succulent, she pronounces it 'sussulent' no matter how much I remind her)

Anyway back to topic, if you look closely into the first pic, you can see an outline of yourself and the camera, looking at the fruit in a most predatory fashion :p



Precious Pea said...

I bought it when i was at the town's market...the flesh is quite soft though but nevertheless very sweet. Hubby told me it's local longan aka mata kucing.

The Drool Team said...

Frank: :p ur eyes r so sharp!

pp: yes, mata kucing n they used to have flesh tts ~1mm thin!