Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Japanese Mid Autumn Festival

The worst part about being away from home is 'celebrating' the festivities without the family.
So, to minimize the depression this Mooncake Festival, I was determined to have a good dinner.
Here's where Kura Japanese Restaurant at the One World Hotel (next to One Utama) comes in.
The food was AMAZING and my sadness was lifted.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Deep fried chicken cartilage. Very very yummy. (RM15)

Crab stick salad in a miso base, with lots of salmon roe. To die for. (RM30)

Salmon Sashimi

The set we ordered normally comes with both tuna and salmon sashimi. but since i don't like tuna, they were very happy to change it to salmon which was amazingly fresh and tasty.

Mixed Tempura

So delicately crispy. It almost melts in the mouth.
Sashimi and tempura came as part of a set dinner. (RM48)

A very happy me.

And some mooncake, at home. I've finally gained some sort of willpower and stopped eating 3 whole mooncakes at one go.

Zhung Chiew Jie Kuai Le, everyone.




tankiasu said...

Heard so much about this new Jap eatery. So its worth the high price tags u reckon?

Precious Pea said...

Japanese food to celebrate mid autumn festival? Ok..i will do it next year too!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

3 mooncakes in one go?u're a bigger exaggerator than me. i used to eat one but tt would fill me d whole day. it just has too much oil n is hard to digest. gosh, u must have d stomach of a cow!:D

The Drool Team said...

tankiasu: :) def worth it, for a special occassion. nice ambience, fast and good service, and the food's great. i just hope they stay that way. its scary how some restaurants start out good, then become slack in a couple of months.

preciouspea: hahaha! yup! you should try it. :) its not as crowded and packed as chinese restaurants are on festivals such as these.

aunt terri: IT'S TRUE! i used to steal mooncake after mooncake and hide in the room eating the whole thing slowly while reading a book. my record was three. after which, i felt (only) slightly sick. ;) i guess thats where my royal fatness comes from.

Anonymous said...

The food looks fantastic. The testament lies in that I generally dislike salmon but that sashimi looked most appetising.