Monday, December 10, 2007

A Day In A Chicken Farm, Keningau

This is a 'kong gian gai kung', bald-neck rooster (wonder if it is related to the bald eagle? But then again, the bald eagle is not bald at all...). This bird, as you can see is bald from just below his crown down to half his neck. This species of chicken has a firmer, tastier flesh and is fantastic for the famous steamed Hainan chicken dish!! (;=p) This lucky chap is one of the chickens that live in a small farm in Keningau where they get to roam around freely.

These pretty hens, their feathers have the most beautiful sheen.
We spent two lovely days in Daniel's home cum farm in Keningau last week. Keningau is a small town in the interior of Sabah about 2 hours car ride from KK.
We were able to see the chicken farm he set up on a one acre piece of land next to his house and veggie plot. He has been supplying chicken to us for the last 2 years and only now, we get to see where they came from. The chickens are all free to roam around in this big plot of land and they looked so happy and healthy.
Free range is a method of farming where the animals are allowed to roam freely instead of being kept in cages.
The feed for the chicken is a special mixture which include crushed corn, heads of ikan billis (small dried fish) and etc.

The chicken feed being mixed together in an old manual cement mixer.

Meal time

The chicken being fed the old-fashion way. The shelter at the back ground is for the chickens at night and during heavy down pour. It is not used to confine the chicken as the gate is not closed.

Time to take a nap under some shade after lunch. What a life!

Look at this adult rooster (there are only 2 in this farm) strutting to a most attentive audience!! Hmm...he must know he is a rare species in this community.
He is constantly surrounded.

Remember the eggplant post with the worm-casting article? This is one of the plants where the eggplants came from. Still many more to harvest.

French beans which were later harvested for our dinner. Simply fried with garlic...deliciously sweet and crunchy.

These two rows of tomatoes plants are part of Daniel's revolutionary method of worm-cast farming.
Beefsteak tomato plant

Choi sam

Long beans

Below are some of the many flowers I found planted in all corners surrounding the compound of the house. They can truly light up a day and I just have to share with you.

Gorgeous local orchid


Phalaenopsis, my all time favourite orchid

A budding iris

It was a wonderful trip that took us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city and gave us a chance to come a little closer to nature. Our sincere thanks to Daniel and Doria for their warm and kind hospitality.

K and Jo


frank said...

Wow, I'd like to be one of the two roosters, always surrounded by good looking chick-ens. :p

Aside from that, the pictures of the flowers were simply incredible, really really pro job.

a feast, everyday said...

Thanks, Frank, it is always so nice to hear from u.

alex said...

Very beautiful photos you have taken.
The flowers are very beautiful.
Well done!

Alex's World! -

a feast, everyday said...

Alex, tq, tt is so encouraging. Still learning n discovering bout tis amazing world behind d view finder.
Interesting blog u have there.

Precious Pea said...

So beautiful. I always love to visit farms and looking at fresh veggies really excites me. Very nice, must be a very relaxing trip for you. :) Is the chicken the one you cook on the next post?

a feast, everyday said...

pp tq. No, tt was a kampung chicken. Much skinnier but very tasty.