Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Gila-Gila Night @ STAR, Kota Kinabalu

Monday night saw the first ever year-end formal dinner organized by the Kangaroo Club of Seri Mengasih to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
This club is very special as its members consist of only children (many are adults already) with special-needs and a few teachers who are not members but just as supporting friends.
The main aim of this club is for the members to learn to have a united voice. At the same time, they are encouraged to voice their opinions and speak their minds. The committee members meet every month to plan and discuss the club's schedule for the month. By organising these events they learn to make decisions and compromise on different views to achieve a common goal.
Just this year alone, they have organised three successful events - a physically challenging outing at the Outward Bound School, a camping trip in Kuilu and finally the year end Gila Gila Night at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort.
For this event, the committee members decided on the venue, menu, dress code, games and other entertainment for the night. They did a fantastic job. Syabas! To all the members of Kangaroo Club.

Mr. Goh, the guest of honour, is a director of Seri Mengasih who has been a long-time (20+ years) supporter of the school.

Andrew, the chairman of the club and the organising committee for this event. An ex-student of Seri mengasih and is presently working in a back-packer outfit.
Fui Chin, the vice-chairperson. She is also an ex-student of Seri Mengasih and now work as a teacher's aid in the school.

Keshia, the club's secretary and the night's master of ceremony...

With her teachers, Irene and Anna.

With her sister, Leanne and her best friend, Nurminah.

A few of the teachers of Seri Mengasih, who are truly the unsung heroes. Irene, top right, has been with the school since it started (almost 30 years ago).
They were 'ordered' by the organising committee to dress up in evening gowns and fittingly so, they looked totally stunning.

Irene, teacher turned singer for the night and she brought the house down.

Cikgu Dayang, all smiles, after receiving a present from the students.

The stars on the floor - Albert and Elaine. Definitely ballroom caliber.

The best dressed lady of the night, Nursyila.

Last but not least, food... glorious food. Choices made by the committee members and amazingly, there were petai sambal and pie tee (food that are not so commonly known in Sabah).


... in a most beautiful arrangement - the shape of a lotus flower.

Petai and sambal.

Penang famous 'pei tee' - Leanne's favourite.

The salad counter where I spotted all the above dishes. Western - Ceasar's salad, eastern - Thai pamelo salad and local. What a spread.

Yummy mango santan jelly, with chunks of sweet mangoes.

This kuih in pandan leaf is really good with the most lovely taste of fresh santan. I took more than my share (as Leanne and Keshia didn't want their share).

Mini cheese cake, light fruit cake and chocolate cake. I tried all and they were all good, especially and rather surprisingly, the fruitcake. It was moist and just perfect without been too sweet.

I didn't post any picture of the main dishes because they didn't look good enclosed in those Huge stainless steel containers. We had beef rendang, teriyaki chicken, seafood green curry (very good), Sabah vegetable and Sabah wild rice. Excellent choices.

The evening was packed with good food, games, karaoke singing, dancing and laughter. A truly beautiful evening.

Thank you, Kangaroo Club.



daisyfused said...

awww!!! looks like such a nice, happy night! wish i was there!

;p though it kinda feels like i WAS actually there - i see two familiar pieces from my bangsar collection in the pics :)

a feast, everyday said...

Look so good on them too, thanks!

frank said...

I think its amazing what a dedicated group of people can achieve with positive mindedness and easy cooperation.

The success of such an event is entirely in the hands of the organisers and those who support it wholeheartedly with inspired dedication - and what a success it looked.

You can tell by just looking at the happy people in the pictures, just one event like this is worth more than a hundred black tie events of the rich and famous, in fact, probably more.

It's really good...


a feast, everyday said...

Yes, u said it all. It was so heart-warming and the best party of the year for all involved.