Friday, December 21, 2007

Sao Nam @ Plaza Damas

The moment we landed at KLIA, we were whisked off to, according to Heather and K, the best Vietnamese restaurant in town.
So excited for a pho. I haven't had pho like for years because pho in KK is non-existent. I'd rather have our local ngui chap than risk going to one of those so called "vietnamese" restaurants in town. But I must say the best pho I ever had was in LA's Little Vietnam many, many years ago (sorry, I have never been to Vietnam).
A sign greeted us at the Sao Nam entrance - Malaysia Tatler's best restuarant, 2007. Wow! More exicted.

A pleasant corner

Pho Bo. It has a really good clear soup with all the right condiments and fragrant but the beef...expecting thin slivers of medium rare goodness, but alas, gotten sliced stewed brisket instead (I think I should have specified)...Nevertheless I still slurped up the lot.

The soup set came with this pair of very delectable crispy spring rolls and papaya salad.

This is mangosteen salad. The juicy fruits are enclosed in these sumptuous prawns, dried squid slices, roasted peanuts and the most gorgeous dressing. Every mouthful was heaven like. The sensation of the juicy sweet fruit coupled with the prawn, squid, nuts and sauce...soo good, perfectly matched.
I'd gladly come back just for this dish alone but was told it is seasonal and that we were very lucky because they just got the first batch delivery of these fruits that day after an off-season lapse.

Banana flower bud salad with chicken. Good too but totally overshadowed by the mangosteen salad.



Precious Pea said...

I heard that the Pho is good here. Must try one soon since so close to my office.

a feast, everyday said...

Go 4 the mangosteen salad too. A bit steep though- Rm30 for the salad but the pho set only Rm18.

frank said...

Ooh yes, I remember eating there.

Yes, the mangosteen salad was exceptional, totally.

Other dishes were also brilliant, but the mangosteen salad, yup, that stood out best.


a feast, everyday said...

Must be their signature dish...

starr said...

im so glad you enjoyed some of our famous dishes, esp Pho. Hope one day you guys can come to Vietnam and try out our original cuisine there.