Friday, December 28, 2007

Yuletide's gifts

So much went on for the past few days,
meals to cook and eat,
friends and family to hug and kiss,
conversation to enjoy,
jokes to share,
presents to give
and to receive...
time just flew.
Then boxing day came along, everyone started getting ready to return to work, to their respective homes and reality set in...Christmas 2007 is officially over!

Between K and myself, we received three fantastic cookbooks for Christmas.

We would like to thank Frank and Iris for the Giorgio Locatelli's 'Made In Italy Food & Stories'. The book is worth its weight in gold - so much to learn from it all about the glorious Italian cuisine. Thank you again and maybe the next time you pay us a visit, we might be able cook up an Italian storm.

Thank you, Bryan, for the Jamie Oliver's 'Happy Days' and Heather, thank you for the Gordon Ramsey's 'Fast Food'. Our idols of all times.

Now, all I need is Nigella's 'Nigella Express' :p

My first laptop!! A Christmas gift from K. Was grumbling aloud to myself about how difficult it was to fight for the computer at home especially since the school holiday began and didn't realised that he heard me!!
I am doing this post on my bed with my brand new computer !!
Feels so luxuriously pampered...might just fall asleep while blogging.
Thank you soooo much, K.

Thank you so much again to all who dropped by our blog. Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. It makes blogging so much more fun and interesting.
Before the arrival of a brand new year in a few days time, let's start making enough resolutions to last the whole year (to be broken, that is :p).



frank said...

Ooooh, you're most welcome, we're really pleased that you like it. We hope you have lots and lots of fun and discoveries in it.

We felt it was the very least we could do, thinking back of what an incredible trip we had in KK, and the wonderful company and food, simply excellent.

Cheers//iris and frank

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wishing u & fam a new year filled with health, happiness n lots of good food!

terri & fam

sonyart said...

uber hi-tech man~
aunty's getting hip!

a feast, everyday said...

Iris n Frank, u r good company.Tq again. Happy new year to u!

Terri, same to u and family.

Sonya, i don't think a laptop could do tt, make me hip, i mean :p but it does feels so one is going 2 change anything, my very own sceensaver too..fuuuyoh