Monday, January 21, 2008

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

This is a totally outrageous but truly glorious indulgence. That is what you get when you marry cream cheese and chocolate.
Remember the cookbook I got from the MV Doulos? The Sweet Comfort Food is the title and it does exactly that - so comforting especially on a Monday. Whatever Monday's blues...out the window they go.
I had to reduce the butter and sugar contents to lessen the sinfulness of this sumptous treat.
Warning, do not read on if you are on a diet.

Chocolate and cheesecake brownies
Cheesecake mixture:
225g cream cheese
1 egg, beaten
50g castor sugar
1 tsp. vanilla essence

Brownies mixture:
200g dark (bittersweet) chocolate
30g unsalted butter
50g brown sugar
2 eggs, beaten
50g all-purpose flour

1. Preheat ovento 160C/325F. Line a 7 inch cake tin with baking patchment.
2. To make the cheesecake mixture, beat all the ingredients together until smooth and creamy.
3. For the brownie mixture, melt chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. When melted, off the heat and stir well. Add sugar and mix to dissolve. Pour in egg a little at a time and keep stirring till thoroughly mixed. Gently stir in flour.
4. Spread 2/3 of the brownie mixture over the base of tin. Spread the cheesecake mixture on top, then spoon on the remaining brownie mixture in heaps. Use a skewer to creat twirls on the two mixtures.
5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until just set in the centre.
6. Leave to cool in the tin, then cut into small pieces (not more than 1"x 1" :p)

Indulge but in dainty bites! Best with a strong cuppa black coffee without sugar.


frank said...

Oh MY God!

Chocolate! Cheese! Butter! Eggs! Sugar! Flour! Cake!

These are ingredients of SIN! Of SIN I say! :p

Aside from that they look totally yummi-licious :p


ekeng said...

are u serve this during CNY? if yes,i wanna visit your house..haha :)

DY said...

Looks good! When are you going to do my favorite chow-mein noodles served in the newspaper??? I gotta have a taste of home!

David Yong

a feast, everyday said...

Frank, so u r not on a diet? Anyway, too much cny goodies at this time of the year to b doing tt, right?

Ekeng, sure u can but don't know whether I'll b doing this as there are so many other delicious makan then.

Hi David, I did tt but the pictures didn't turned out well. Have to revisit Tamparuli again (like I needed an excuse to do tt :p). Hi to Eros n Dylan too.

s o n y a 妮 said...

so sinfully delicious.

haha, i sound like i've already tasted it :p

Precious Pea said...

I made this 2 weeks ago!!! Instead of baking powder i didn't know i put in double action baking powder. Rised like nobody's business..keke.