Friday, January 11, 2008


This, I allow myself to have only one at the end of a long day. Received this gift during the Christmas season and I have been selfishly hogging it since. And now with the contents half gone and guiltily admitting gluttony, I decided to share them with you :p.
This Austrian gem comes from Salzburg. It is called Mozartkugel, named after the famous composer, Mozart who was born in Salzburg.
It is made with an outer layer of rich dark bitter chocolate (super velvety smooth) enclosing within a layer of light praline cream and a layer of dark praline cream. Right in the center is the finest marzipan with pistachio nuts.
That should give you an idea what will-power I had to exert restraint on myself from pigging out the whole content in two sittings.
Truly heaven in a bite.
Lucky for me K doesn't share my passion for chocolate.
Enjoy and have a lovely second weekend of 2008!



Precious Pea said...

OOohhh..can even see your teethmark! Hahaha! I have problem too refraining myself from piggin out on chocs. So tempting!

a feast, everyday said...

Yeah, only 2 bites a day. So so precious...tts how i made good things last:p

Bernsy said...

the chocolate's really looking very good. If my Sayang read ur blog, means sure got craving liao.. hehehe

a feast, everyday said...

Hahaha, can totally relate to tt kind of craving...

frank said...

Holy Schmoley - will you just look at that thing!!!

It looks like something the Devil came up with to tempt us mere mortals to sin :p

Amazing!!! hehe, I gotta go look for it, where'd it come from?


a feast, everyday said...

Tempting, yah? I don't know where 2get it but maybe K knows, I'll ask.

JOjo said...

First time dropping by and i saw something im so familiar with.
My colleague who came back from Vienna for her Christmas hols came back with this for the whole office.
It tastes heavenly! (or maybe a moment of heaven on earth!)
You have a very pretty blog!