Monday, January 7, 2008

Leanne's Birthday

Leanne celebrated her 9th birthday last Saturday. She wanted a birthday party with a few of her little friends. A few turned out to be more than 20 overly active and loud 9 years-old. So thankful to the helping hands of the sister, Keshia and brothers Don and Bryan. The boys did a good job in organising some hilarious games to keep them occupied and entertained.

Couldn't keep her fingers off the super-moist chocolate cake.

It was stress-free where food was concerned.
Don and Leanne made dozens of tuna sandwiches in the morning.
Fruits jelly was done the day before.
A big pot of bolognese sauce was kept bubbling over the stove.
All I did was churning out these grilled chicken wings, fried fish balls and pasta all through the party.
The most useful lesson I learnt long ago about doing kids' party food is to do quantity and not variety.
Have just a few of their favourites in sizable amount.
And don't bother serving any vegetables unless you can disguise them (like the pureed carrots and pumpkins I had in the bolognese sauce).



Christy said...

Nice Cake!!
Happy Birthday to the little one!:D

daisyfused said...

awwww... sooo wish i could've been home. :)

looks like fun, and lotsa delish food.

hugs... our baby's all grown up!!!

a feast, everyday said...

Tq, Christy.

df, only kids' finger food lah!

sonyart said...

omg aunty.. i just had to tell you this...
did you know your blog (yeah, this one) was featured in the STAR magazine in KL on Sunday?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
apparently someone checked out a eating spot you promoted & is now recommending this site to his/her friends & now, Malaysia.

Way to go aunty!!!!!!

a feast, everyday said...

OMG, tt's cool. We didn't know. Thanks 4 letting us know. Now got 2 get our hands on the Star magazine-anything 2 do with the newspaper Star?

sonyart said...

well, now you know. hehe
i checked with a friend, & it came out in the STAR newspaper, KL METRO section (6th January 08)

sonyart said...

otherwise, it can also be found online at:


a feast, everyday said...

Tq Sonya for the webpage! Wished the photo had been more presentable...:P

Anonymous said...

Hi I jus came across your blog today. Simply love the beautiful pictures posted and also the recipes given. Have been reading your past entries for more than 1 hour.
Cheers to you. Renee

a feast, everyday said...

Hi there, Renee, welcome to our blog. Keep reading and tq for ur kind encouragement.

frank said...

Happy Birthday Leanne, a marvellous cake :p

Hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable day with good food, great friends, and loving family of course.

Love, iris and frank

a feast, everyday said...

Thank you very much.