Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lunch @ House + Co., Bangsar

K and myself were in KL for a short visit on Sunday and arrived back home again only early this morning. For this short trip, we were able to cover quite a number of interesting makan places.
Met up with Heather in KL as soon as we arrived and she wanted to bring us to taste the best apam in town. Drove to Bangsar but was so disappointed, the stall was closed.
She scratched her head as to where to bring us for lunch...when in KL we let her worry about that, we just sit back and relax :p

Hah, I know a place to chat and chill, she said as the heat was getting unbearable.

We landed at the Bangsar shopping mall, got up to the 3rd floor and entered a household store selling cutlery, dine wares and furniture. Thought she wanted to do some shopping but she continued on right to the back of the store. Yup, the chill out place is in this store.
Very cleverly merged into the store is a chic cafe with a very cosy ambiance.

The menu selection was very limited, so we left that to Heather too while I busied myself with the camera.

All the cutlery used in the cafe can be bought from the store, I was told.
Something to munch on before the meals.

A very substaintial grapes and pine nuts salad.

When the nasi lemak arrived I realised that I have visited this place before, in a blog that is.

I read about this place in Lemongrass lyrical's blog not too long ago. I remembered the beautiful nasi lemak presentation in her post.

The nasi lemak had a choice of beef, chicken or sotong (squid). We had sotong, absolutely delicious.

The basmati rice was a little dry but fragrantly infused with santan and pandan (screwpine leave). The sambals were just right without being too spicy.

This is one yummy nyonya curry laksa served with creamy santan gravy and loads of chicken strips, prawns and even cockles!

Wow, so absolutely over the moon! Another post from our blog was featured in the Star newspaper at the Metro section last Sunday 27/01/2008! It was the porky reviews by Heather on a Spanish restaurant in KL, the Elcerdo.


KY said...

I got to know this blog through your daughter. Now, can you ask her to send me the picture of both of with huge SLRs shooting your meal? :D

a feast, everyday said...

Sorry, very camera shy. tt the reason why we're always hiding behind those things ;p

frank said...

I love the nasi lemak with the basmati rice, and the multiple sambal along with the chilli sauce.

The laksa is also marvellous. Unfortunately I haven't tried their kway teow soup, as each time I get there, it's always between the first 2. :p


a feast, everyday said...

I love the presentation, it would have sufficed just looking at it. K wanted the kway teow soup but was too full. Maybe the next trip...