Friday, August 8, 2008

Cape of Good Hope

This is the best device for travelers like us who find map reading so, so stressful, more so than the driving itself. I remember the time we were in New Zealand. I always seem to be delegated the job of navigator, and I never failed to get us further than anywhere we planned to go and by the time we did get to the intended destination, tempers and tantrums would have flared and taken away all the fun and anticipation of the new place no matter how beautiful. All you wanted to do is to sleep off the stress.      
This GPS which cost only R40 ~ RM18 to rent is absolutely godsend. All you need to do is know the name of the place you want to arrive at (even some restaurants are listed), key in and press 'GO'. It will tell you to turn left or right at certain junction, drive certain distance and we never got lost, best part if you miss a turn or take a wrong turn it just 'recalculates' and gets you back on track.
Never intended to rent a car here in Cape Town until K found out that GPS are available. Glad we did because the other alternative was to follow tour groups. We are not very keen to do that as we hate keeping time and schedule on a holiday.
We had the car for two whole days and managed to go south to the cape of good hope and east to the wine lands of South Africa.

The 'light' breakfast we had before setting out...

A huge croissant.
A crusty top muffin with soft center. I am beginning to like the idea of a cup of cappuccino on a cold morning. 

Very good homemade apricot and strawberry preserves.

The scenery all the way to Cape of Good Hope was so breathtaking, it made us stop and slow down so many times. For a trip that was scheduled to arrive (according to the GPS) in about 45 minutes it took us more than two hours to get there. 

Entrance to the Cape Of Good Hope
This national park which encompasses the southernmost portion of the cape peninsular is rugged, unspoiled and very scenic. 

The energy of the ocean in this area was so strong it made me giddy.

This is not the most southern point but just the the most South-Western point of the African Continent.

On the way back from the Cape of Good Hope, we stopped by  a quaint little town called Simon's Town. It is a historical naval town.

Black Chicken Salad (R49 ~ Rm22)
Salad with blackened chicken (blackening comes from the butter charring the pan and not from the spices). Cajun cuisine?  

Mussels (R36 ~ Rm16)
Not too satisfied with the mussels we had the night before in Quay Four, K ordered this starter again. This was so good we were licking up every drop of the creamy sauce (flavored with a hint of white wine and herbs).

Pickled Fish (R58 ~ Rm 26)
Thought I would be a little adventurous and order this pickled fish. What was I expecting?? Hinava?? Anyway, it was boiled fish that was marinated with vinegar and spices. The fish was hard and dry while the marinade tasted weird - nothing I could identified with. I took a bite and just couldn't continue and K fully satisfied with his most amazing dish couldn't help either. We doggie bagged it and gave it to one of the hotel valet.

Fish and Chips (R65 ~ Rm30)
I ended up with this no-fail fish and chips dish. Very well done, fresh, juicy and crispy. 

Calamari Steaks (R60 ~ Rm27)
This dish K ordered is out of this world. Stole almost half from him in the pretext of exchange.

Sooo delicious...chewy yet tender, grilled to perfection with all the juicy sweetness sealed in by the caramelized surface. 


wmw said...

I like the shots of the waves hitting against the rocks!

Pauline said...

I'm the reader of urs. Can I know what camera u using?

a feast, everyday said...

wmw, there were a series of these photos n when i scrolled thru them it was like watching a video with the waves actually moving. tt place was amazing!

pauline, hi, i used a canon dslr which is a little different fr a point n shoot in tt u can play with the exposure, w/b, aperture manually. u like photography too?