Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cape Wine Lands

The Cape Wine Lands

The next day, we set out east on the highway N1 to the wine lands.
This was very much the scene all the way. Rows after rows of vineyards with the mountain as backdrop. As it is winter the vines are bare and hibernating waiting for spring to arrive. This is also one of the reason why I want to come back to Cape Town during late summer or early autumn when the vineyards will be in full bloom. 

We chose to stop by in this beautiful town, Franschhoek, east of Cape Town which is famous for its wine and food. Franschhoek, literally means 'French Corner' and the french heritage is evident in the names of streets, buildings and restaurants. 

Houguenot Street


When the stomach summoned, we turned to the GPS and landed in this small restaurant in the Lindhorst vineyard (it has always been my dream to dine at a vineyard). Very basic, unpretentious and down-to-earth which also reflects the food that they served.

From the restaurant you look out to the tree house for children and miles and miles of vineyards.

Inside the restaurant.

House wine, Rosa and white. 

There was no salad listed in the menu, they serve whatever the fresh produce is for that day and believe me, this is so fresh it could have been just harvested from their backyard. It didn't need any dressing as the feta cheese went so well with it.

Carbonara at its best. The creamy sauce was silky smooth and flavored just right. We were told the cook is not a trained chef but loves to cook and has been cooking for many years. It showed in the dishes we were served.
When we asked about the steak, we were told there is only rump available (that's how limited the menu is). See how spartanly it was served? But every bite on that plate is worth its weight in gold, both meat and potatoes. Truly one of the tastiest steak we ever had without any sauce (just salt and pepper) and perfectly done in medium rare. 

A platter we didn't get to taste. Someone's order which the friendly waiter brought over to our table for me to take a shot, so kind of him. 
I lost the receipt for this meal but I remember the total was R160 which work out to be about Rm72.
This has to be one of the most memorable meal of this trip. The ambience, wine, food and company just come together to make it magically.


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me love vineyards too.

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

looks like lavender.

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i pinched d leaves n it smell like thymes.

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i want rump!!!!