Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Journey Of Hope

Arrived home early this morning from Nagoya. This was not a holiday trip as I have mentioned and I was too optimistic about picture taking of food and scenery. The whole trip was a whirlwind of activities and most of the meals were buffet or pack-to-go and had to be eaten in a hurry. I am sorry there is not much to show as there was no time to hold the camera at all. 
The convention was a gathering of about 10,000 participants from all over the world. It was basically a symposium to gather and exchange information regarding energy conservation, nature preservation, organic agriculture, pollution, global warming, recycling and many topics like education, medicine and politics related to making the world a better, safer, cleaner and most of all, to bring a brighter hope for the future. 
It was truly awe inspiring when many of the participants, experts and layman alike shared their experiences and knowledge. 
I think each and everyone of us knows to a certain extent what needs to be done to reverse this mad consumerism and wasteful state we are in. Knowing is one thing but it is the doing that will make any difference and it starts right here with oneself. 
When each and everyone of us actively and consciously begin this conservation movement no matter how small the action, we will begin to bring about a change and hope to the world.  
It was a very uplifting convention and by the end of it, I think, everyone was raring to do one's best in our own homes, society and country. 
After the closing of the convention, all the foreign participants were given yet another gift - a surprise bonus, two 'handshakes', totally unexpected and overwhelmingly touched.  
A trip with no physical images but abundant soul imprints...

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