Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tango in Buenos Aires

To most Argentineans Tango is more than just a dance, it is a passion and culture. 
We were told a tango show is a must for first timer to this city (that's me) and I really didn't need much persuasion as that was THE top item on my list for coming to BA. Made a few enquiries at the hotel counter and we chose Carlos Gardel for no particular reason except it had gourmet(!) dinner included. 
For the show and dinner it cost US$100 each which we thought was over priced but by the end of the evening we had to admit that it was worth the price. Only much later that I learnt that Carlos Gardel was referred to as the King of Tango, not for the dancing but for the tango songs he wrote and sang. 
Transport was provided (pickup from the hotel) so we felt safe to bring along the camera and very glad we did as we would not be able to capture anything with the phone camera given the lighting conditions. 

The 'gourmet' meal...

For appetizers we chose tenderloin carpaccio and buffalo mozzarella with parma ham. Both fantastic. We made the mistake of ordering the same main course which was quite disappointing considering BA's reputation for great steaks.  

Free flow of the wine. Desserts (especially the mascarpone ice-cream) were just as good as the starters and I had this tiny cup of expresso which was so potent and thick but as I figured I couldn't sleep anyway, why not?

The show that followed was truly awesome, very professional yet with such passion and gusto that made me want to learn Tango so badly knowing very well that would surely give me a twisted back on my 1st try. All the superlatives I know won't be able to describe the amazing show. Hubby took all these photos as I was too overwhelmed by the show (tried so hard not to blink my eyes and at the same time, tried hard to keep my mouth that look like that (:0) close). Poor K complained about having to come back for another show as he didn't get to see it at all as he was behind the camera the whole time because whenever he put down the camera, I kept saying'Take that, take that. Don't miss that!' I better post more of these shots to justify his efforts :p.

The dance troupe

And the orchestra with a 'mermaid' at the violin.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i'm not getting any of ur pctures; this net connectn is hopeless!

Shan said...

Hi Droolers just wanted to let you know that I have been loving your travel photos and write-ups of late.
Great stuff. A real treat from the norm :)

a feast, everyday said...

terri, read when u come home, meantime go shop n eat in HK. no waste time in front of computer.

shan, thanks. I am just so happy to be able to travel and tell :p.

terri@adailyobsession said...

hey, these r beautiful pics. i can imagine the emotions d dances evoke. yea, hub brought his laptop along but the hotel connection was bad bc we didn't want to pay n so we tapped onto wi-fi.