Sunday, August 31, 2008

From Kota Kinabalu To Hong Kong

The day (19th August) we left KK was the first day the new KK terminal opened for operation. The new airport is beautiful - very spacious and bright. It is quite similar to KLIA in design with great expanse of steel and glass. A hugh improvement over the old terminal next door which will be renovated to further extend the new terminal. 

About to land in Hong Kong, not sure where this place is, could be part of China? The first time I ever saw Hong Kong skyline looking so clear without any sign of smog. 

From the airport, we purchased (for Bryan and myself) the MTR cards that give two trips on the Airport Express line and unlimited 3 days MTR travel for all the other lines in Hong Kong for HK$300 each (~RM130). For Leanne she gets to travel the Airport Express Line free of charge by purchasing an Octopus card with a value of HK$76. We planned to travel extensively around Hong Kong and Kowloon on the MRT as the hotel we stayed was located right in front of the Sheung Wan Station in Hong Kong Island.
Disneyland Hong Kong is the only item in Leanne's agenda, electronics in Bryan's and food in mine when we arrived in Hong Kong. Can you imagine a more united front? I figured my agenda would prevail as everyone gets hungry, right? And most importantly, I hold the purse string. Hehehe! The minute we put down our bags, Bryan, a first timer to HK asked to go to Wan Chai (must have been doing his homework on the Internet) where a whole building supposedly stocked three floors of any electronic gadgets you can ever dream of (I, never but I am sure many do). From cellphones to cameras to computers to devices I don't know anything about. 
Anyway, let's get back to the more important things in life, namely, food. I did some homework too in the internet before the trip. As we were in WanChai, I looked up my note book and checked for any eateries here. Yes, a roast shop very near...but wait, I spotted the dessert shop with the most famous mango pudding, Hui Lau Shan.

Leanne had the fresh mango + sago + mango juice. Very good and so refreshing in this 30C weather.

I was greedy. I ordered the Mango Combo which has the famous mango pudding with fresh mango, top with mango ice cream, a sprinkling of pomelo and coconut milk. The coconut milk was unnecessary, tasted like canned coconut milk and spoilt the overall taste.

The pudding was super smooth and with the sweet fresh mango, ice cream and pomelo, every mouthful was a delight.

This roast shop in Wan Chai on Hennessy Road was recommended by one HK blogger and there was a queue in front of the shop. Once again, according to my dad's rule of thumb that's a good sign. Got Bryan to queue while I took pictures. There were no seats left in the shop so we had to take away. There was a special HK$50 (RM 22) for half a goose and I added some siew yoke. Rushed back to the hotel couldn't wait for my two to have a taste of this Hong Kong delicacy which I had been bragging about non-stop.

Boy! I was totally unprepared for the let down. I was so eager for the two who never had Hong Kong roast goose before to have a memorable first. I asked Bryan as soon as he took his first bite 'How's it?' Replied 'No different from our roast duck.' What?!! Took a bite myself, dry and didn't taste like goose at all. Oh no, could I have order duck instead of goose with my half-past-six cantonese?? Should have heeded Leanne's suggestion that I speak mandarin instead of cantonese... 

The siew york didn't fare any better as the meat was dry, the skin tough, thin and had none of the crunch factor at all, so so disappointed.


terri@adailyobsession said...

i am sure u had duck! i had roasted goose 2x, n i just told hub tt if i could have a food wish now, it'll be a plate of roasted goose. i wanted to bring one back bc the hotel where we stayed in was smack in the middle of a local market area but hub discouraged n i regret listening ti him.

a feast, everyday said...

Yeah, i am sure it was duck too. Should hv learn better cantonese fr u..

wmw said...

Sigh...I want to eat HK food in HK now! :(

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hey wasn't disneyland HOT??best time to go is nov-apr

Precious Pea said...

'Ngap' and 'Ngor' sounded so different la. I think you kena conned. I heard before that some give you duck instead of goose, especially to tourist. But for the best roasted goose, go Yung Kee!

Anonymous said...

Yung Kee roasted goose costed HK650.In small restaurant, they sell duck as roasted goose when it was roasted. Alway looked at the display. If they have both, order roasted duck. You might get roasted goose.

a feast, everyday said...

wmw, not all hk food r good though but i am missing d dim sum now.

terri, yeap, i was roasted like a goose...

p pea, maybe i was, wat with tt camera of mine :(
We ate at yung kee -no fireworks except when i saw the bill n went :-0*#$^@

anony, agree with u yung kee is overrated n overpriced.
tt's funny, order duck n i might get goose? must keep tt in mind when in hk next.