Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beringgis Seafood Restaurant, Papar

Daniel recommended this restaurant that is nestled next to the Taiwan Restaurant (which is famous for its pork trotter and fried roti canai) along the road to Papar. There are only a few restaurants we go to when craving for seafood and I have featured most of them, I think. This one is a new one so here goes:

Ambience-wise, we, especially hubby love the rustic wooden deco and airiness of this place. That's one reason why we have been here twice in the last month.
Distance-wise, it is about the same as Tuaran, about 30km from Kota Kinabalu.
Taste-wise, some dishes we had were good, some were not.

Soft shell crabs in batter RM25

Our favorite. Can you see the crab meat?? Very fresh and well done but apparently not available all the time.

Butter prawns RM40
Done so well that the shell was crispy enough to be eaten yet the prawn's flesh was done just right, moist and soft. 

This talapia was perfectly steamed in a very simple, light but tasty soy sauce. RM34

Not bad but don't think we will order this again. RM25 for a couple of clams...

I like this claypot with local tofu. RM15 

But the rest of the clan preferred this sizzling Japanese tofu hot plate. RM18

Peas sprouts sauteed with garlic, perfectly done. RM15
Look is deceiving here. Three words. Bland, bland and bland. I still can't figured out how this good looking kung po sauce can be so bland and even the squids were bland. RM18

This talapia was steamed with a spicy sauce which I think came out of a bottle of thai chilli sauce. A definite no no. Too super sweet.

Price-wise, can't beat Welcome but cheaper than Gaya Sport and others. An order of a fish, a 1/2 kg prawn dish, a tofu dish, a veg., a shell dish and an extra dish came up to about RM160


Hong Ming said...

i've gotta get there soon, everything looks good n i'm surprised they have the big pea sprouts bc tt's quite rare here. we were at the taiwan res just yesterday. again got scolded, this time for sitting at the big table. the proprietress gets my price for the "Constantly Pissed Woman".not sure if i want to eat there often, all tt negative vibes.

terri said...

oops, i didn't know i was using ming's identity.

Christy said...

Nice food!!:D

a feast, everyday said...

terri, it has been years since we last visited tt taiwan place, the last time we were there the food like takes 10 yrs to arrive..

christy, yummzz....

terri@adailyobsession said...

u r right. it took 25 min for our noodles to arrive. noodles.

Shan said...

What a coincidence! I was just at taiwan restaurant yesterday. Have to say the pork didn't seem as good as before but the roti canai was yum and its nice being by the beach on a sunday

Shan said...

Think I prefer the pork at Equatorial now though. Delicious.

a feast, everyday said...

Shan, where is Equatorial???