Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dim Sum and Disneyland

Knew I had to squeeze in at least a sizable meal before setting out for Disneyland, as from past record this would be a whole day affair. Checked my food bible and bingo, a dim sum chain restaurant is only a stroll from our hotel.   

Treasure Lake Golden Banquet Restaurant
I was overzealous in ordering as I was famished and so starved of good dim sum. There was no mobile food carts like in the old days. The ordering had to be done on a list which we ticked the items we wanted and you don't see the food until they arrive at the table. This was what three of us had that day...

The classic must-have items. All came in bigger sizes than the ones we get in KK, each basket had at least four pieces and that's when I knew I was in trouble for ordering so much. Two baskets each of the har gau and siu lung pau too.

The fried dim sum and they were all delicious especially the top two, ham sui kok (glutinous meat dumplings, my favorite of the deep fried dim sum) and the almond coated rolls with a sweet filling of cream and fruits. Yummz.

We didn't do justice to the last two dishes as we had to force ourselves to finish them, naturally they didn't taste that good at that time. Leanne kept saying if her daddy was there as he would be able to finish the food! 

This is the day for Leanne. Although he didn't say but I know Bryan was also looking forward to Disneyland. Who wouldn't? I know I was excited too but was very apprehensive about the weather that was hovering around 30c.
Disneyland at 2 pm in Summer in Hong Kong was insane. We had on three layers of sun protection - 1) sunscreen  2) caps  3) umbrella and I could still feel the heat. But that didn't slow down the kids one bit. They were able to do most of the rides and attractions (eventhough the queues were long it was not like in Tokyo Disneyland where each queue took hours!)
Disneyland HK is small compared to Disneyland LA and Tokyo and the magic being there didn't hit me like it did my last two trips (LA and Tokyo), I suspect it was the heat (I was melting away) as the last two trips were all in cooler weathers - winter and autumn.   

This got to be my all time favorite of Disneyland. After a tour of this section, this tune was playing in my head the whole day '...It's a small world after all, it's a small, small world...'  

The special train with Mickey Mouse windows that took us from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland.
Now Paris and Florida Disneyland would be her (Leanne's) next dream...and mine too but not in Summer!


Precious Pea said...

Wah! Dimsum feast! Luckily am having dim sum for lunch..hehe.

Yes, summer is crazy over there. I went in March, it was cooling and nice to spend whole day there. Did you stay for the fireworks?

wmw said...

Aaaahhh...My favourite two D words! ;o)

Dave Yong said...

When I first saw it I thought you had visited Disneyland over here! It's about 15 minutes from my house! Come to Disneyland in California! I can show you so many great restaurants here.

a feast, everyday said...

p pea, no, too bad we didn't stay for tt but it was a good day.

wmw, u speaks my mind too.

Dave, leanne would be thrill to hear tt. We were actually thinking of the end of this yr during her school holiday but we'll be going to Shanghai where Heather is working now and later in dec Yun Fung kuku's daughter Nancy is getting married, Maybe next yr, what month is most pleasant to spend the whole day there?
Kevin found another fantastic noodle shop and i think is better than Tamparuli one. So when r u coming to taste it?